In this village, drunkards fear eves

In this village, drunkards fear eves

In this village, drunkards fear eves

The women of Irni village, about 280 km from Lucknow, have also been active against those indulging in illicit liquor trade along with the people who are habitual drinkers.
These women have formed an organisation called “Burahu Baba” which not only takes action against the illicit liquor traders but also try to pursuade the menfolk of the village and nearby areas not to take to liquor.

“We decided to form the organisation and wage a battle against the liquor mafia after nine men of the village died after drinking spurious liquor in the village a few months ago,” says Sunita Kumari, the president of the organisation.

While many people had also lost their eye sight in the tragedy, Sunita herself lost her husband. “The local police failed to take action against the liquor mafia as a result of which we had take up the cudgels,” Sunita said.

Irni, a village inhabited by about 6,000 people—mostly belonging the backward castes—is a typical UP village with very little development in terms of basic facilities.
“Unemployment and lack of education drive the youngsters towards liquor addiction and hence we try to pursuade the youths to take up petty jobs like labourers rather than destroying themselves by taking to liquor,” Sunita says.

The organisation also encourages the unemployed menfolk to take to cottage industries.
“The men have formed a self-help group and an application has been given to the block development office for sanctioning loan for some cottage industry in the village,” she said.

The organisation, which boasts of over 20 members now, has become very popular among the womenfolk in the area. “We also socially boycott those who do not give up drinking,” she said.

The organisation members have so far been able to drive out those carrying on illicit liquor trade from the village.

The members of the organisation visit the homes of those addicted to drinking and speak to them and their family members.

Many people have so far given up drinking owing to the efforts of the organisation.