It's all about symmetry

It's all about symmetry

classy CHECKS

Houndstooth checks, which is originally woven wool cloth from Scotland, has amalgamated into something new and has become an essential part of the fashion industry.

Traditionally black and white, the checks have warped over time and taken birth in hues of brown, blues and more. 

The monochrome pattern keeps making its presence felt in the fashion world every now and then, and it has decided to come back to the fore once again. Whether it’s with fashion designers or the youth, houndstooth checks are definitely in this season! 

Hari Anand, a Kochi-based fashion designer, says, “It’s always sporty to work with houndstooth textiles because it never gives the monotony that other fabrics do. In my earlier days, I practised a lot on houndstooth and cord crapes, mostly when I used to make shirts for women and Western wear.” He adds, “It never runs out of couture and is so artistic. I could work with it anytime!” 

Roshan Khan, a student of Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, says he likes houndstooth clothing because they are a classy trend and often seen on the international runway.

“Fashion for me is about comfort and a reflection of your individual taste. And my personal taste is more like that of the Parisians so I prefer monochromes. Houndstooth-printed clothes have a symmetry behind them and the texture always brings a feel of high-street fashion with it. So I love wearing them,” he says. 

Stephin Varghese, a designer from Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, says, “It’s comfortable to wear and the weave looks interesting. For men’s wardrobe, it’s something new and out-of-the-box.” 

What do the youngsters these usually pair their checks with? Shreanca Bhattacharjee says, “If you think a black top or vest is looking too dull, pairing it with a houndstooth skirt or pants is a good idea. The same goes for black pants. It helps your get-up look quirky.” She adds, “People get bored of the same old plain, solid-coloured outfits, so they are trying to get out of their comfort zone and houndstooth is a nice way to do that.” Roshan says they look good with denims and shorts. 

How do the youngsters think houndstooth is doing in the Indian fashion scene? “It’s already in vogue and the Indian fashion industry has given a big leap to houndstooth prints. Lots of designers and stylists are using it to make new statements,” says Roshan.

Stephin says, “Houndstooth, damier prints and more are soon going be a hit in the market this season. Once people thought such prints were only for women. But now men love to try out new prints and new styles.” 

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