Stan Lee to make film on his Indian superhero 'Chakra'

Stan Lee to make film on his Indian superhero 'Chakra'

Stan Lee to make film on his Indian superhero 'Chakra'

'Spider-Man' creator Stan Lee is looking forward to make his first Bollywood movie based on Indian superhero 'Chakra The Invincible'.

Lee and Graphic India, a character entertainment company, are looking at making grown-up version of Chakra tackling his arch-enemy, Boss Yama, against the spectacular backdrop of Mumbai.

Lee is the co-creator of superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk and X-Men.
He and his producing partners, Gill Champion from POW! Entertainment and Sharad Devarajan, CEO of Graphic India, have been meeting with leading Bollywood directors, producers and writers to adapt the superhero saga that they launched last year for the big screen.

"I've always been a fan of Bollywood films and I'm really excited about launching Chakra the Invincible as my first Bollywood superhero movie," commented Stan Lee, Chief Creative Officer at POW! Entertainment.

"We've set up some great meetings already with some of the most amazingly talented actors and directors in Indian cinema and I have no doubt that these individuals will help make the Chakra film a massive hit in India and around the globe," he added.

"We could not be more excited about the prospect of bringing a real-life Chakra film to fans everywhere on the big screen!," said Gill Champion, President and CEO of POW! Entertainment.

Lee, 91, also revealed the first set of concept images of the new older-version of Chakra in blue costume.

"The opportunity to bring Stan's unique style of superhero storytelling to Indian cinema is something any creator would love to collaborate with him on. We have been overwhelmed by the interest and fan base Stan has in India, especially amongst the creative community of Bollywood," said Graphic's Co-Founder & CEO, Sharad Devarajan.