Yuvajana Mela competitions disappoint public

Yuvajana Mela competitions disappoint public

Yuvajana Mela competitions disappoint public

A girls’ team presenting a geegee pada at Yuvajana Mela in Sullia on Sunday. DH photo

A large number of people from across the district thronged at the venue on Sunday as it was a holiday. The pendal looked jam-packed during every competition. People from all age groups took part in the Yuvajana Mela and enjoyed various events.

The unexpected rains did not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants.

However, the quality of the competitions disappointed many. Many visitors observed that the competitions did not match even the taluk-level programmes in their quality. Out of bhavageeta, yakshagana, sannata, bhajan, janapadageeta, geegeepada, lavani song competitions held from Saturday evening to Sunday evening, only a few could reach the expectations of the audience.

“Women have at least put more effort in their events but men are totally indifferent. They have not even tried to make their performances good,” said a visitor.
However, men did well in geegee pada competition which was disappointing in the women’s category.

 Only two teams took part in Yakshagana, and both were of good quality. Both men and women gave good performance in folk song competition. In many competitions, lack of study, practice and preparation were apparent.

“Many people compete only for name sake,” said B Kariappa, one of the judges, while folk expert Y M Yakolli said the participants did not pick up even the basics.
The heavy rains which poured in the evening upset the schedule. The exhibition stalls closed while competitions were stopped.