The folk spirit

The folk spirit

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The folk spirit

Be it with its soulful music, vibrant outfits or constant interaction with the audience, ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ is like a breath of fresh air.

Known for creating an atmosphere of fervour, the band has always brought out infectious tunes at events like ‘Octoberfest’ and ‘NH7 Weekender’ to name a few.
Known for his compositions that consist of Indian and global flavours, lead singer Raghu Dixit says that they love giving something unique to the audience every time they perform.

He feels the current scene of music is great. “There are a lot of opportunities for youngsters to learn Indian and Western music. They also don’t need a middleman to promote their music. There are so many avenues through social media.
However that being said, youngsters should work really hard on whatever they want to do. Nothing comes without effort.” 

He adds, “The audience has matured a lot over the years and are accepting the different kinds of music we give them. They want to listen to original compositions and are not open to covers anymore.”

He considers the time he met Vishal and Shekhar as the turning point of his career as they signed him as the first artiste (and only artiste so far) for a new record label that they had launched. Though he is considered as an ambassador of Indian music abroad, he informs that music happened to him only because he was challenged by a friend, who sent his album to a studio.

 ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ has a series of concerts lined up now. “We will be performing at the ‘Octoberfest’. I just hope it doesn’t rain.

After that, we will be travelling to Mumbai and Coimbatore.” When asked how does his creative brain work, he jokes, “Slowly! It has to find something interesting and once that happens, it just doesn't stop.”

Catch ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ live at ‘The Great Indian Octoberfest’ on October 19 at EZone, Marathahalli.