'It's only the tip of the iceberg'

'It's only the tip of the iceberg'


'It's only the tip of the iceberg'

Actor Tanuj Virwani spends his free time working on short films and documentaries. The son of veteran actress Rati Agnihotri has had so many ideas from his school and college days that he has been wanting to bring them onto the celluloid. His latest venture titled Arkade:

Resurrection, starring himself and theatre icon Denzil Smith, released recently. The short feature is the concluding chapter in the sci-fi trilogy – ‘The Arkade Series’, that Virwani has created and produced under his own banner ‘Pin Drop Violence.’

He defines his experience as “challenging”. “Producing and acting is a tough task but it’s a good way to learn how to manage the toughest of tasks and excel in them as well. This particular short film is a sci-fi film which looks at the concept of secret hideouts in the underground society,” Tanuj tells Metrolife.  

Tanuj had always wanted to work in the science fiction genre and this project has fulfilled that dream. “Each short film in the series is approximately 50 minutes long and can be clubbed into a full-length feature film. The short film is a mix of several stories and is shot in real locations. The special effects is something that you wouldn’t find in a lot of short films. This is my tribute to all those who love sci-fi movies,” he adds.

Tanuj is grateful to all the rigorous training that he went through before venturing into films. “It has been a learning experience. The challenge is to remain consistent in one’s thinking and put in one’s best. But what I know is only the tip of the iceberg,” he says rather humbly.

Tanuj has signed a couple of more films and notes that he would like to experiment with as many characters as possible. His next project will see him in a stylish avatar. He feels that it is imperative for him, as an actor, to keep challenging himself. He says he is in no hurry to sign projects and that a lot of thought that goes in before signing on the dotted line. “I think I owe my consistency in thought and action to my mother, who has gone the extra mile to make sure that I was brought up as a responsible human being,” he signs off.