The world at your fingertips

The world at your fingertips


The world at your fingertips

People are becoming more dependent on new media and e-shopping. According to a recent survey by Assocham, India’s e-commerce market has grown by 88 percent in 2013, to $ 16 billion, while it stood at $ 2.5 billion in 2009.

Despite the slow economy, the e-market has risen and gained quick momentum, and now, anything a person wants is available online and a dedicated site is there to provide it.

For various reasons, people are  turning to online stores instead of stepping out of their homes.

Don Mathew, a frequent online shopper, says, “The reason I like to shop from home is because there isn’t any traffic and I don't have to spend on fuel. Also I don’t have to wait in a long queue at the billing counter. I love online shopping for its conveniences.”

Animesh Sinha agrees with Don as he says, “The main reason I choose to shop online is because of the traffic, after which you have to find a parking space, wait in line during billing, and eventually eat out due to the time spent on buying the groceries.”

The City’s traffic has become a deterrent for many shoppers. Pavithra Prasad says, “Driving in this traffic is horrendous nowadays, and it’s one of the main reasons I choose to shop online. Also, I’m busy at work or just too lazy to make time to shop.”

There are others who don’t mind braving the traffic but prefer e-commerce for other reasons. Arijit Deb, another frequent online shopper, says, “Online shopping helps us sit in one place and get connected to everything around the world. We can surf through 100 product from different websites and compare prices accordingly in less than an hour or two. And even after receiving the product, we can ask for a replacement or get our money back.”

He adds, “Sometimes the discount rates vary from 20 to as high as 80 per cent, so why waste time hunting for things around the city when everything is just a click away?”
People have even started buying groceries and food items online, refusing to leave the safety of their homes.

Deepa Medhi says, “Online shopping is convenient because I don't have to climb stairs with all my shopping bags, especially the groceries. But my friends made fun of me when they got to know that I buy even vegetable and fruits online.”

Ritesh Dwivedy, founder and CEO of, a food delivery service, says that there has been a marked increase in home deliveries recently. He attributes it to the lack of time, increase in traffic and choices.

“Consumers today are tech-savvy and want instant solutions. And there is an increase in internet penetration in India, and the availability of more payment choices has boosted the e-commerced industry today. There has been a growth in transactions in all sectors, be it banking, lifestyle accessories or fashion retail,” he wraps up. 

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