Telangana ministers rule out taking back resignations

Telangana ministers rule out taking back resignations

Telangana ministers rule out taking back resignations

At the same time, the ministers, who have sent a common resignation letter to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, said this does not mean "blackmailing" the party or the government as they were just putting forward the demands of the people of the region before it.

"We are committed on our resignations. We are sincere in that (on not withdrawing resignations). We want a categorical time frame for the formation of a separate state (of Telangana)," Higher Education Minister Sridhar Babu told reporters, briefing about their meetings with party leaders.

"We won't go back on the issue (of withdrawing resignations) till the doubts arising out of the December 23 statement are cleared and a time frame is announced for Telangana. We need a statement clarifying the doubts."
The ministers met Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Urban Development Minister S Jaipal Reddy, Law Minister Veerapa Moily and party leader Ahmed Patel and discussed the current situation and put forth their demands.
The comments come a day after Mukherjee reportedly asked them to withdraw their resignations.

Asked whether they were blackmailing the Congress by not taking back their resignations, Babu said: "We are not blackmailing. There is nothing called blackmailing in politics. We are putting forward our demands to our central leadership about the sentiments. This is not blackmailing."

"As a optimistic young politician I would like the solution should come the very moment. Timely solution to the issue is needed and time is precious. People are more agitated now," Babu said to a question.

Asked whether the party will formally join the Joint Action Committee, which is spearheading the Telangana agitation, he said these issues will be discussed with senior party leaders in the state before a decision is taken.
To a question whether their visit can be called a successful one, he shot back: "There is nothing called success. It depends...we came here to tell them about the ground situation and the people's pro-Telangana sentiments to the high command. We have to seek a solution."

Babu, who was elected to the assembly from Karimnagar constituency, said the ministers explained to the leaders the ambiguity created by the statement on Telangana.

Asked whether they have suggested any time frame, he said, "It is a constitutional mechanism. Time frame is known according to the machinery. We need an early resolution."

Babu said the ministers sent their resignations to Sonia as "their candidature and nominations to the cabinet were decided by the High Command. If the Chief Minister (K Rosaiah) wants the resignation to be sent to him, we will do so."
To a question that their resignations have brought the government functioning to a standstill, Babu said every government is committed to proceed according to the wishes of the people. "When the wishes of the people are granted then everything will be back to normal."