'Wakf Board land has not been encroached'

'Wakf Board land has not been encroached'

Addressing a press meet, he said the land at Panjimogaru, Padukodi belongs to Juma masjid (Zeenath Bhaksh juma masjid). However, with the Land Reforms Act of 1977, the land is being owned by tenants. Now the land is under the control of tenants. There was no encroachment. 

He said the 30 cents land in survey number 50/4 in Baikampady is a family trust and is not registered under Wakf Board. Moreover, it has not been published in Karnataka State gazzettee. So there is no question of illegal encroachment of the land belonging to Wakf Board.

Kunhi said 2 acre land in Talapady grama belongs to Talapady Bilal Juma Masjid. However, the land did not have any road connectivity and was of no use to the masjid. As a result, the masjid administrative committee sold the land after taking permission from Karnataka State Wakf Board and have purchased a land with arecanut and coconut plantation. The land will provide income to the masjid.  

‘Land is encroached’
The Karnataka Minorities Development Corporation Ltd Chairman N B Aboobakkar came down heavily on the statement issued by the Wakf Board Chairman that wakf land is not being encroached in Dakshina Kannada.

Addressing a press meet on Monday, he said in Panjimogaru Padukodi survey number 75, of 5.19 acre land, 2.20 acre land has been given to tenants. However, 18 families who are residing in the 90 cents land did not get the documents for their land by citing the reason that the land comes under Wakf department. “I have come to know that a businessmen is trying to encroach the land using fake document. Wakf Board should try to protect its land.”

The Wakf Board Chairman had stated that the 2 acre land belonging to Talapady Bilal Jumma Masjid is being sold after seeking permission as the land was not of any use to the Masjid. However, Aboobakkar said “there is no law which permits the selling of land belonging to Wakf Board. One can lease out the land.”  Wakf Board Chairman should protect the land belonging to Wakf Board.