Rlys to use solar power in big way

Rlys to use solar power in big way

The Indian Railways will soon be illuminating stations, level crossings, office buildings, staff quarters and streets of railway colonies by using solar LED lamps.

Various zones have already floated tenders to acquire equipment and accessories. However, the Railway Ministry is focusing on areas which are  facing problems of poor power supply. 

“Zonal railways have selected locations where such facilities are to be provided on priority basis. They have started implementing the project. For example, in state like Uttar Pradesh solar LED lanterns have been ordered for over 200 level crossings,” said a ministerial source.

Likewise, solar photo-voltaic modules have been ordered for improving power supply in  those staff quarters of Karnataka where power supply is not proper. The Railways has also ordered solar inverters for emergency lighting at 21 stations in Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, solar street lighting systems are being installed in Maharashtra. The ministry has planned to install, in total, solar power plants of about 8.8 Mega Watt (MW) capacity at stations, railway office buildings,  level crossing gates and other places. 

The estimated cost of about 8.8 MW-capacity solar power panels with the Railways funding would be about Rs 100 crore. The Railways would be illuminating 200 stations with solar power. In addition to these 200 stations which are being funded by Railways, there are stations where public private partnership will be used for it.­