Medical negligence alleged

Medical negligence alleged

The family of a patient has lodged a police complaint against Rangadore Memorial Hospital, Shankarapuram, alleging medical negligence by the hospital staff. 

Rajendra Prasad, 62, an auto-rickshaw driver, was admitted to the hospital about one-and-a-half months ago as he was suffering from abscess in his anal region.

His family alleged the hospital staff made him sit in a tub of hot water while giving him Sitz bath that resulted in severe burns. The family claimed that three days ago, the hospital had asked them to leave even as Prasad’s wounds were yet to heal.

However, the hospital authorities claimed that the family was trying to extract money in the name of medical negligence. Dr R Rajkumar, medical director of the hospital, said, “The ward boy had brought hot water in a tub and the patient was asked to wait till cold water was added to it. But he sat in the tub before cold water was added leading to burns.”

He added that the patient was suffering from diabetes and a nerve conduction study had revealed that there was no sensation around the hip and the patient didn’t not feel the heat immediately.

The hospital also claimed that the patient and his wife had been repeatedly threatening to commit suicide if the hospital failed to waive treatment charges and had also demanded Rs 20 lakh in cash and a house. 

“We have asked the family to approach the consumer court and are ready to face action if medical negligence is established,” Dr Rajkumar added.