Techie detained for attempt to join IS

Techie detained for attempt to join IS

Techie detained for attempt to join IS

A 30-year-old former Google employee, who was allegedly plotting to join the Islamic State (IS) ranks in Iraq, has been detained by the Hyderabad Police.

Security analyst Munawad Salman was picked up for questioning on Sunday by the police.

The software professional, who was charged with dissemination of seditious material, has to report to the nearest police station regularly and has been barred from leaving the city, the police said, after they questioned him for over two days.

Salman quit his job a few months ago after he was influenced by online propaganda of the  Islamic State, the hardliner Sunni Muslim group which had gained control of large parts of Iraq and Syria. Salman was planning to leave the country and his destination was either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Security and intelligence officials are concerned about educated young people drawn into IS propaganda on social media.  

Security agencies have received alerts from global agencies to monitor the threat of Islamic State which is competing with al-Qaeda in recruiting gullible educated youth online in India.

The techie was in touch with handlers from IS for nearly a year and reportedly exchanged many emails to his contacts and handlers in the Al-Shabab wing.  

The state government had set up an anti-terrorist commando cum intelligence unit Octopus to track terror suspects, recruiters and also modules across the state.