'Kiss of Love' fails to reach RSS office

'Kiss of Love' fails to reach RSS office

Delhi tried to embrace ‘Kiss of Love’, but massive police presence and counter protest by pro-Hindu groups on Saturday made the going not so easy for the protesters against alleged moral policing.

Police barricades foiled the supporters plan to march towards the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) office at Jhandewalan in Central Delhi.
Over five dozen protesters, mostly from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Delhi University, had gathered outside the Jhandewalan metro station to take part in the event spearheaded by a group of Facebook users. 

They held hands, cuddled in public and even kissed. But when a couple was spotted kissing, they were roughed up by the counter protesters from a right-wing group called Hindu Sena.

“Why are we being stopped? The whole idea is to promote love and peace. Those who are getting into confrontation mode aren’t being stopped,” JNU student Vipin Krishna, said. “I am carrying mints for all those who are here to kiss.”

The movement snowballed after activists from all over Kerala decided to protest against alleged moral policing by fundamentalist groups by organising a public-kissing campaign on November 2.

Organisers of the Delhi chapter said that they chose the venue near the RSS because the right wing outfits had been denying them public spaces to express their affection.

Heavy police presence outside the metro station thwarted supporters’ attempts to march towards the RSS office. And when they succeeded, police erected barricades  and blocked their way.

Police said they had orders to arrest those who tried to get past.
The public-kissing event looked inconvenient to evening commuters as well, as the protesters clogged the road leading to the RSS office. But whenever charged upon by police or counter protesters, they shrunk into huddles and belted love songs.  
The event in Delhi also drew mixed, but sharp reactions on social media.

“Come embrace, hold, shake hands, give high fives... and kiss. They take away our cafes, our pubs, our parks, our galis and mohallas and tell us this is no place to kiss. Let’s go to Jhandewala where the grand office of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is located and register our protest,” the Facebook group of Delhi chapter had posted.
Over 1,000 persons had clicked the “going” button for the event.

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