The passage was painless

The passage was painless

Attributing the cause of death of Kannada actor Vishnuvardhan to cardiac arrest, Dr Vikram, Chairman and Managing Director of Vikram Hospital in Mysore said the actor may have had a painless death.

The actor who passed away at around 2.30 am on Wednesday morning at room number 334 of Hotel King’s Kourt was attended to last by Dr Vikram’s father Dr Bhaskar.

“I was away in Bangalore when I received a call that Vishnuvardhan had extreme difficulty in breathing at around 2.30 am from the hotel. I in turn informed my father who immediately rushed to the hotel. But, unfortunately, by then the body had turned cold and it must have been a good few minutes since his death,” Dr Vikram said.

Sudden stoppage of heart –– which in medical terms is referred to as cardiac arrest –– seemed to be the cause of death, according to doctors treating the star.
Though Vishnuvardhan was also being treated for heart-related problems, he did not show any visible symptom of the cause that could have led to death, even during the check-up on Tuesday evening.

“He was being treated for the last two weeks almost regularly at our hospital as an out-patient. He had sustained a small injury on his ankle which took time to heal, but lately he was doing fine. His blood sugar was under control and he did not have any other major problems,” Dr Vikram said.

Though the body temperature was dropping, resuscitation attempts were made at the hotel. The body was then shifted into ambulance and attempts to revive the heart continued. The actor was declared dead after all attempts to record the heart beat, pulse, blood pressure and ECG failed.

“As a patient, he was a strict follower of a doctor’s advice. Be it regarding food or care or simply need for relaxation, he never cut corners. He took medicines regulary and was careful about total well-being.

“Vishnuvardhna hated invasive modes of treatment and had not undergone any of them since the last five years that he started visiting us. He hated it when his body had to be pricked or bruised for any purpose,” Dr Vikram recollected.

Hotel staff shocked
The staff of the hotel, who were in a state of shock over the sudden demise of the actor, said he was very accessible to them. “He had no airs and would remember most of our staff members as he stayed with us many times during his visits to Mysore. He had even suggested some improvisations in terms of decking up the hotel lounge for Christmas,” said Sales Manager of King’s Court Chandrashekhar.