Selfie obsession may cost you your job: experts

Selfie obsession may cost you your job: experts

People who post selfies on social networking sites may unveil their unflattering personality traits that could cost them a job, experts warn.

"In a career sense, it can really impact your brand," career coach Hallie Crawford noted.

Researchers at the University of Georgia are determining why people take selfies, 'WTOC-TV' reported.

"There seems to be two big motives. One is narcissism, which is doing stuff to get attention from people. To look better than you are," said psychology professor W Keith Campbell.

According to career counsellors, employers who visit social media sites of potential job seekers will likely use those selfies to determine whom to hire.

Crawford said an employer may assume someone who takes a lot of selfies is self-absorbed and won't be a team player or possess self-control.

"[Employers may wonder] do you get the line between private versus public and might you share something about their company if you worked there that was inappropriate?" said Crawford.

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