Capri fancied for feature

Racing Mysuru card

Capri, to be ridden by JH Christopher and trained by S Qureshi, is poised to land the spoils in the Elusive Pimpernel Trophy over 1200 metres, the feature event of the races to be held here at thr Mysore Race Club on Wednesday. 

False rails, average width of 4 metres, from 1600 metres to the winning post.

1. the fantasy dream Plate (Div II) (Rated 0-25) 1200M, 2.00 pm1. Afternoon Delight (AT Natraj)62Vishwanath82. Crispy Delight (M Bobby)62M Shoaib113. Flirting King (R Shinde)61.5VR Jagadeesh124. Namrattaazz (Rakesh)61.5V Kumar75. Cardiff City (CD Monnappa)60.5Himanshu56. Caterina (C Girinath)60.5Prabhakaran17. Friends Forever (V Yadav)60.5S Kumar38. The Alchemist (Z Dararshah)60N Alam29. Triple Victory (SM Johnson)60A Alam6
10. Winning Desire (V Appachu)60K Rai411. Magnetic Power (PC Tejaswi)59.5C Harish1012. Small Cruise (S Rao)54I Singh9Flirting King 1; Triple Victory 2; Friends Forever 3.2. The Gadag Plate (Div II) (rated 20-45) -- 1200M, 2.30 pm1. Dominica (M Bobby) 60M Shoaib112. Beautiful Effect (Rakesh)58.5N Alam23. Its My Party (R Shinde) 58.5I Singh14. Access All Arenas (T Natraj)58GR Urs105. Kallistrate (BK Narendra)57.5J Paswan76. Go Man Go (V Appachu) 57K Rai67. Kir Royale (Z Dararshah)56.5A Alam58. Beautiful Fin (S Rao)56A Khan 129. Heavenly Divas (BK Narendra)56Vishwanath810. Jazzbythebay (PC Tejaswi)56SC Kalay911. Lincon Continental (CD Monnappa)56M Maseyk312. Vroom Vroom (V Yadav) 56     S Kumar 4Go Man Go 1; Kir Royale 2; Beautiful Effect 3.3. sharavathi Plate (Div II) (Rated 40-65) -- 1400M, 3.00 pm1. Precept (PC Tejaswi)60A Kumar82. Hard To Pin Down (PC Tejaswi)59.5K Rai33. Esoterical (BK Narendra)59Vishwanath94. Aanchal Beauty (S Rao)57A Khan75. Ice Splendour (Rakesh)57JH Christopher 66. Santa Maria (Z Dararshah)57A Alam17. Oscar Sparkler (SM Johnson)55.5S Kumar48. Albatross (PC Tejaswi)55Jagadeesh10 9. Ensatus Elegans (R Shinde)55N Alam210. Strive And Serve (Surender GT)55V Kumar5
Albatross 1; Ice Splendour 2; Hard To Pin Down 3.4. gadag plate (dIV I) (rated 20-45) -- 1200M, 3.30 pm1. Magic Wave (PC Tejaswi)62.5C Kalay112. Mahiki (M Bobby)62.5AR Pradeep53. Rising Little Star (CD Monnappa) 62Vishwanath64. Guapo (PC Tejaswi) 61.5K Rai125. Country’s Nobility (FM Khan)61N Alam26. Tulip (Rakesh)60.5S Kumar37. Catchy Charger (BK Narendra)59.5J Paswan48. Queens Colour (S Rao)59A Khan99. Ace Princess (Rakesh)58 M Asif810. Lagoona (V Yadav) 56.5S Kumar111. Aerial Acrobat (BK Narendra)55GR Urs1012. The Back Bencher (V Yadav)53.5M Maseyk7Rising Little Star 1; Country’s Nobility 2; Ace Princess 3.5. the elusive pimpernel trophy (rated 60 and above) 1200M, 4.00 pm1. Rio Grande (BK Narendra)61J Paswan52. Yakeen (M Bobby)60M Shoaib73. Capri (S Qureshi)57JH Christopher94. Commanding Heights (C Monnappa)56.5Vishwanath15. Distant Promise (M Bobby)56S Kumar86. Azure Fire (BK Narendra) 55GR Urs37. Bryant Park (V Yadav)54.5A Khan48. Divine Deliverance (D Pujar)54.5J Paswan69. Supreme (R Shinde)54.5I Singh1010. Impressive Bolt (V Yadav)53V Kumar211. Lad King (D Pujar)53A Alam11Capri 1; Supreme 2; Yakeen 3.6. Sharavathi plate (div i) (rated 40-65) 1400M, 4.30 pm1. Indian Royalty (PC Tejaswi)61.5A Kumar72. Lake Paradise (PC Tejaswi)61.5C Harish43.Clever Trick (R Shinde)59.5Irvan Singh14. Murcilago (CD Monnappa)59Withdrawn--5. Salsa Touch (D Pujar) 58J Paswan106. Carisa (PC Tejaswi)57.5Kiran Rai97. Lad Lady (Z Dararshah)57.5A Alam58.Cash Is King (S Qureshi)56.5JH Christopher89. Pepper King (BK Narendra)56.5Vishwanath610. Anonymous (S Rao)55.5R Kumar211. Mother Ewa (Rakesh)55.5N Alam3
Carisa 1; Lad Lady 2; Pepper Is King 3.7. the br hills Plate (rated 20-45) 1400M, 5.00 pm1. Pamushana (Z Darashah)61N Alam52. Second Lady (BK Narendra)61J Paswan33. Napolean Dynamite (SM Johnson)59.5GR Urs64. Chandini (Rakesh)59Dharmendra15. Nuala (D Pujar)58.5J Paswan106. Saratoga Spring (Surender GT)57V Kumar47. Golden Wisdom (S Rao)55.5A Khan78. Time To Time (CD Monnappa)55.5 M Maseyk29. Smokehead (PC Tejaswi)54 Kiran Rai1110. Ceasaria (S Rao)53.5 R Kumar911. Natural Nine (M Bobby)53 I Singh812. Catwalk Queen (D Pujar)  50.5 A Alam12Pamushana 1; Second Lady 2; Smokehead 3.
Day’s best: Rising Little Star.Double: Capri and CarisaJackpot: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. I Treble: 2, 3, 4. II treble:  5, 6, 7. 

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