Convenience, a click away!

Convenience, a click away!

Convenience, a click away!

If traffic woes aren’t enough, commuters have to deal with the lack of parking space. ‘Pparke’, a mobile application, has lessened this Herculean task.

Whether commuters are shopping at Brigade Road or are hurrying to catch a movie during the weekend to find a space to park, they just have to download the application, click on the destination and reserve their spot in advance.

The application was made by Pritam and Shampa Ganguly, a former IT professional couple to prevent commuters from endlessly circling around the City’s blocks and also address the environmental concern of increasing carbon content. 

A victim of parking woes herself, Shampa says, “Searching and waiting for a parking space is a routine affair and a frustrating activity for many. Due to this continued search and wait, traffic congestion and carbon footprint increases manifold.”

She further adds, “We provide the user with information that includes the lanes where the parking spots are available, and parking updates for the future. We also serve as a
platform to reserve the spot for off-street parking facility and help the user with location-specific information and custom retail offerings.

"We provide the parking operator information related to forthcoming parking trends, revenue management, slot management and pricing
decisions in a cloud based platform.” 

To obtain information and guide people to the nearest slot, ‘Pparke’ obtains their information from parking sensors, CCTV and cloud systems.

The application obtains their revenue from parking owners and retailers, who work on profit-sharing basis and integrates key players in the industry; from the motorists, parking lots, the merchants, shopping centers, airports and large organisations like universities.