Enjoy the goodness of corn

Enjoy the goodness of corn

Enjoy the goodness of corn

The best time to enjoy corn is during monsoon. Grilled corns sprinkled with salt and lemon.

But with the arrival of winters corn becomes a must-include part of our diet regimen. From hot corn soup to salads and even boiled vegetables, corn kernels make their goodness felt in our daily food.

The best thing is that one can be experimental with corn by mixing it with other veggies, dips and gravy in different styles.

Corns serve as good healthy snacks. Toss grilled corn with chopped cilantro and fresh lime juice. Generally, corn kernels are best as appetisers or side dish. So, it goes well with salad.

Make a great vegetarian salad by mixing fresh veggies, olives and spicy jalapenos. For chicken lovers, a grilled chicken and a corn salad with garlic, lemon juice and seasoning makes for a good super. You can even serve grilled corn along with chicken skewers.

Alongside roasted chicken, place corn kernels mixed with lemon juice and salt.
Sweet corn soup is undoubtedly one item we all look forward to. A drizzle of cream over the routine corn soup can enhance the taste.

To boiled corn kernels add coconut milk and lime juice. Sprinkle crushed pepper and enjoy the concoction. Get experimental with it by adding mushrooms or bacon.

Eat it along with scrambled eggs and toast. You can even sauté corns with chopped veggies like green pepper, tomato and onion. Interestingly, this can be used as a stuffing for sandwiches, paranthas and even calzones (a filled oven bread). Don’t forget to serve it with sauce dipping.

Pizzas are incomplete without corn. And you can even have it with quesadillas and tortillas. Make your pasta and risottos different by adding corn to it. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, corn adds to the taste.