A pool at home!

How do you unwind after a hard day's work? Stretch on the couch, go for a walk, may be. But what if there was something better in store for you.

Like going for a swim. Not to any poolside or health club, but at your own home.

Don't be incredulous.

This is a possibility. This is what Binz & Boris, a Bengaluru-based company is making happen. They are designing readymade pools for your homes, so you can spend more time with your loved ones, while having fun.

How it works

So what are these readymade pools like? They are pre-cast containers
measuring 20'X9.6', with a depth of 3.8'. They can be placed anywhere in your homes – balcony, terrace, basement, garage or backyard. This pool is designed with various economics in mind. There have to be no constructions or demolitions (except may be a little digging if you place it in the backyard), making this concept quite hassle-free.

Just place these pools and fill them  with water using a hose pipe. Are you worried about changing the water often, like maintaining an aquarium? Don't be, because these pools come with an in-built two-stage water filtration unit, which take care of
filtering all the debris and impurities. You only have to take care to empty the filtration unit once in a while.

The water can be used for up to six months at a stretch! Also, since the walls of the pool are non-porous, there is no algae formation, thus upping the hygiene factor.

The magic touch

The only prerequisite for a pool like this is electricity, as it is controlled by a touchpad. The touchpad can do wonders to the pool. You can regulate the temperature of the water to suit your needs. So you can use it as a hot water tub, too.

Not just that, the controls can create waves at a spot to make you feel like you are swimming against the current in a river! And if you have had a
particularly strenuous day, you can even get a wave massage done in the pool. The colour changing LEDs with the water current, reflect one of the best dramatic scenes one can imagine.

A home pool comes with many

advantages. For instance, if you have an erratic schedule, you can choose to go swimming anytime. It is a great way to keep oneself fit. It is also a good way to spend time together as a family, while bonding and having fun at the same time.

Owning a pool may not be as expensive as one might think. We may jump at an option of buying a car, which improves comfort and brings in luxury, while we may think twice to have a pool in the house, which brings health, comfort, privacy, luxury for your family. So, there’s some food for thought!

For those who wish to test the waters before taking the plunge, Binz & Boris readymade pools have also set up an “experience zone” in Bengaluru.

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