In a league of its own

In a league of its own

In a league of its own

Hakoba fabric is synonymous with intricate embroidery, dainty craftsmanship and impeccable detailing. It is considered a royal fabric as it was worn by kings and queens in the olden days. Hakoba is in fashion and popular not only with designers but with people as well.

Vishal Sekhani, General Manager of Hakoba store says, “We have researched and found out that Hakoba is in fashion even today. The demand is huge and the market too has grown. And the demand is not only confined to a particular region but also universal. In fact, even people in the West are opting for Hakoba.”

Anuradha Paul, a Bengaluru-based fashion designer, has used Hakoba in party wear and wedding gowns.

She says that youngsters love the concept of Hakoba in party wear. “Hakoba has been there for a long time but people hardly gave importance to it. We used to see Hakoba more in children’s garments or saris. Most of the time people confused Hakoba with ‘kantha’ stitch. But over the years, trends have changed and people are experimenting and bringing the old fashion back. Now we get to see a lot of variety in Hakoba, not only for women but also men,” she says.

The target group of Hakoba includes women in their teens to the older ones as well. Besides cotton other base fabrics like silks, man-made blends, net, etc have also been incorporated.

“A while ago, Hakoba trend was mostly seen in saris and ‘salwars dupattas’ but today Hakoba can be seen in jackets, skirts, overcoats, watch straps, footwear and jewellery. The designs and colours have evolved over the years. We use more of light colours like purple, neon in darker shades too,” says Vishal.

Stephin Lalan, a student of fashion design from Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology says, “Men usually prefer to keep their wardrobe simple as they give importance to the colours and cuts compared to embroidered garments. But the trend is changing. For weddings, festivals and ceremonies, men give more importance to fashion than women. They look out for simple and subtle embroidered clothing. And Hakoba fabrics are preferred as they are light, reasonably priced and give an elegant look.”

He adds, “Using Hakoba fabric in an exquisite way can help one achieve a rich yet simple look. Usage of Hakoba fabrics in Western or Indo-Western outfits for both men and women could be a major trendsetter.”