Vacancy display boards at CP parking

Parking is now easier in the New Delhi Municipal Council area with LED display boards on the availability of free space in the parking lots.

The Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) has installed vacancy display counters at 12 off-street parking lots in and around Connaught Place. Soon, these LED boards will be installed at six more sites.

However, the vacancy display counters are features that can be added only to the off-street parking lots with boom barriers. So far, the DIMTS has taken over 18 off-street parking lots in the council area. The on-street parking lots which are being operated with handheld devices will not have such display boards with real-time data. 

“Parking has become more ordered now. Vehicle owners do not have to jostle for space anymore. Parking space is also now not overcrowded like before where visitors would park beyond the parking capacity. The display boards at the entry points clearly display the current availability of occupied parking lots and the number of free lots,” said an official of DIMTS.

Now, the DIMTS is planning to install three variable message signs at the nodal points of the council area. These LED display boards will have consolidated real-time data on the availability of parking lots in both on-street and off-street parking lots in the New Delhi Municipal Council area. The data will be scrolled down the board for public viewing.

The DIMTS is waiting for the go-ahead from the NDMC to go ahead with the installation of the message signs.

“As of now, three nodal points have been identified in and around Connaught Place. These are the tentative points,” said another official from DIMTS.

“One is near the turn of Minto Road, another near Baba Kharak Singh Marg and the third at Barakhamba Road,” he added.

Though a consolidated data will be made available, the real-time data will show availability only at the major on-street and off-street parking lots. “It will not be practical to display information of all the 90 parking lots,” said the official.

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