Lax security at Cubbon Park worries walkers

Lax security at Cubbon Park worries walkers

Handful of guards on duty at the 120-acre lung space

Lax security at Cubbon Park worries walkers

The safety of the visitors and walkers at the Cubbon Park has become a matter of concern, with only a handful of security guards on duty at the 120-acre lung space.

Hardly a kilometer away from the recent blast site on Church Street, this place remains as susceptible as ever. An official of Horticulture department, who wished to be anonymous, said that only 22 guards were on duty at any given point in time at the Cubbon Park, which has multiple exit and entry points.

“That is all the sanctioned number of posts. Many discussions about the it in the past have turned futile. Most of the times, we have to get the police to patrol the place,” he added.

However, daily walkers claim that the number of security guards at the Park does not exceed five or six on any given day.

“In reality, there are just five of them. Initially, there were about 30 of guards. The number came down to 25 and now, just a handful,” said Umesh S, president, Cubbon Park Walkers’ Association.

He also alleged that the men who claim to be security guards do not have uniforms either.  “Children play cricket and football on the lawns. Why spend lakhs on maintenance when no one is there to keep an eye on the place?” Umesh said. He alleged that with there being no monitoring, the Park had turned into a hub for illegal activities.

Women feel unsafe
Women who come from far-off areas for their morning walks do not feel safe either.
 “There is absolutely no security. Once in a blue moon, we get to see someone. While we go for walks, usually, we do not find anyone on guard,” said Asha Sundar, a homemaker.

She that there had been chain-snatching incidents at the Cubbon Park and security should be beefed up at the lung space. “Lalbagh had better security compared to this place,” Asha felt.Mahantesh Murgod, Deputy Director, Department of Horticulture, said that no one had approached the department over security at Cubbon Park and they were yet to decide on improving the safety measures.

Recently, Deccan Herald had reported that a family celebrated birthday party illegally inside the Cubbon Park premises.

Besides having arrangements for seating, the revellers also served food for the guests on the lawn.