Caste census will begin on April 11, says Siddaramaiah

Caste census will begin on April 11, says Siddaramaiah

Caste census will begin on April 11, says Siddaramaiah

Caste census in the State will begin on April 11 and the first phase will be completed on April 30, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said on Monday.

After a review meeting with officials, he told reporters that the deputy commissioners (DCs) had been tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the census in their respective districts. “People should compulsorily participate in the census. If there is a problem with data collection, then the responsibility will be fixed on the DCs,” he said.

Siddaramaiah said the government had tried to keep teachers out of the caste census data collection.

“However, with the lack of manpower even after roping in all the ASHA and anganwadi workers, we will be involving teachers in the data collection process. Also, it requires a lot of expertise as the census involves collection of socio-economic data. We have given a deadline of April 30 for the survey,” said Siddaramaiah.

The caste census will be comprehensive, with 54 main queries in its questionnaire spread over five parts. The survey, being taken up with a budgetary allocation of Rs 117 crore, will cover every household in Karnataka, a total population of 6.21 crore and is expected to throw up the reality of the socio-economic status of communities in the State.

1st since 1931
This will be the first caste-based survey in the State since 1931 and will be conducted under the aegis of the Karnataka Backward Classes Commission.

The survey questionnaire is divided into five parts starting with address and geographical location of the household and then moving on to personal details of the head of the family and members.

Part-3 of the survey will include household schedule and educational and employment details of the household members.

Part-4, the concluding part of the survey, will have questions on economic, political representation and social aspects, respectively.