Tharoor's domestic help Narayan, five others quizzed by police

Tharoor's domestic help Narayan, five others quizzed by police

Tharoor's domestic help Narayan, five others quizzed by police

Six people, including Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s domestic help Narayan Singh, were grilled by Delhi Police on Thursday in a bid to construct the sequence of events that led to the ‘murder’ of Sunanda Pushkar.

Tharoor has not yet been approached to join the investigation, police said.
The Congress parliamentarian’s staff members had received phone calls on Wednesday to join the probe the next day.

“All the six were grilled for about four hours in the morning and their statements recorded. They were then allowed to leave,” an investigator told Deccan Herald.

After questioning Tharoor’s employees, the Special Investigating Team (SIT) formed to probe the case held a five-hour long meeting at police headquarters to discuss the various facets, many of them new, emerging in the case.

Narayan Singh was in Himachal Pradesh when he received the call from police to join the probe. He arrived in Delhi on Thursday morning and faced the grilling. Narayan has been questioned in this case at least twice in the past. His role, in particular, is being probed because he was present at the hotel when Pushkar died.

Sources said Narayan was asked very specific questions pertaining to the last 48 hours of Pushkar’s life.

“He was asked if he knew of any ailments Sunanda was suffering from and the medicines she was taking. He was questioned about two strips of Alprax tablets recovered from Sunanda’s hotel room,” said the officer.

Narayan was also quizzed about his knowledge of the more than a dozen injuries on Sunanda’s body. One of them was caused by a syringe and police suspect poison was injected to her using that syringe.

In November last year, Tharoor had written a letter to Police Commissioner B S Bassi alleging that investigators were pressurising Narayan in a bid to implicate him in his wife’s death case.