Rising up to the challenge

Rising up to the challenge


Rising up to the challenge

The last one and a half years has been non-stop action for actor and director Ramesh Aravind who has put his all into his directorial ‘Uttama Villain’ in which Kamal Haasan plays a powerful character along with a few other popular faces from the film industry.

The story, which has been written by Kamal, is gripping and thoroughly evocative, feels Ramesh.

Ramesh and his team are all set to release the trailer of ‘Uttama Villain’ on January 14. When the first look of Kamal in the movie was released a while ago, people were curious to learn more about his character. So Ramesh faced the challenge of conceptualising the trailer in an attractive form. “A year back, the opening teaser of ‘Uttama Villain’ with the groovy ‘Bakabakabaka’ music in background and Kamal Haasan wearing a special mask make-up came out. It was such a huge hit that we had to match it with an equally arresting trailer,” says Ramesh.

    He says the tailer is certainly in tune with the expectations of the audience and reflects the soul of the film. “The trailer has the feel of spectacular visuals along with a glimpse of Kamal’ji’ and the other main characters in their get-ups and attitudes,” he says.

Ramesh thinks that the challenge of making the trailer is to not only condense a two-and-a-half hour movie into a two minute video, but also strike the right note with the viewers. “Condensing the spirit of a story into a one or two minute capsule is the highlight of any good trailer,” he states. 

Ramesh observes that trailers are the montages of the best parts of a film. Talking about the making of the trailer, Ramesh points out,  “Our editor Vijay Shankar initially put a few shots in an exciting order. Post this, Kamal,Vijay and I brainstormed and added a few shots and removed a few that we didn’t think would work. Everyone added value at each stage to make it a complete product.”

Ramesh is definitely emotional when he gets talking about ‘Uttama Villain.’ “On the last day of shoot, I messaged my chief technicians saying ‘Thanks. We certainly have a film we will be proud of for life’. We started out with a vision to churn out a sensible entertainer with top quality but the quality exceeded our expectations,” feels Ramesh who can’t wait for the movie to release and the public reaction to the same.