Let's lay it on the floor...

Let's lay it on the floor...

Let's lay it on the floor...

Carpets play a very significant role in enhancing the décor of a room. In winters, their role becomes all the more important as carpets not only improve the overall look, but also add lot of warmth. What would you prefer? Cold stark floors or soft touch carpeting? Well, that was a rhetorical question! On a chilly evening, there’s nothing quite like tossing off your shoes and sinking your toes into a luxurious woollen pile. 

Carpets not only provide thick, warm, plush support, but also pep up the look of the space, especially when they complement the furnishings. Of course, this is not to forget their role in childproofing rooms against injuries from falls.

Options galore
Carpets these days come in a vast variety of sizes, styles and colours. From traditional to contemporary, Persian to modern, the choices are many. They come in new interesting textures, colours and patterns. They have gone beyond the customary wool and are being made in natural fibres, like silk and cotton, and a variety of synthetics as well.

 Earlier, carpets meant more of a backdrop for the furniture and other décor elements, but now, carpet styles are very innovative, giving carpets centre stage, making them the focal point of a room. 

Pure woollen or Persian carpets are definitely on a higher price range; hence a more practical and economical option is to go for the synthetic variety. These are also woven or tufted, so they have a backing material that lends a slight sponginess to the texture. The synthetic ones are available in three varieties.Acrylic looks and feels like wool and is easily washable. Nylon is almost stain-free and is quite practical to use. Polyester has a silky look, but requires a lot of maintenance. All these varieties are generally available in earthy shades of brown, rust, olive green and dark blue and are rectangular in shape. It is a good idea to place the ones with a lengthwise design in corridors or dressing rooms. 

The acrylic carpets are very popular. They are light in weight, easy to roll and store. They are washable and therefore, easy on maintenance. The good news is that they do not even require vacuum cleaning.

The choice of your carpet depends on where you wish to place it. That spot will determine the style, colour and texture you choose – taking into consideration the area’s use, your budget and other home furnishings. 

With high-tech and creative designs, nowadays, there is a carpet to suit every location in the house, whether you’re looking for an understated neutral look or want to make a bold statement with a contemporary pattern.

Play with colours

Ideally, one should match the colours of winter carpets with the overall colour theme of the room for the right décor. Traditional winter colour combinations include deep red and blue shades as they bring a lot of cheer to the room. 

Cool colours like blues and greens are calming and they also lend a spacious look and feel to the room. Red and brown shades are energising and help in creating a cosy look. It is said that carpets that have contrasting colours in their weave make the décor more intense and dramatic.
 Also, patterned carpets narrate an artistic story, thereby lending a lot of character to the floor. Solid colours help in complementing an ambience with a specific theme. If you want a semi-formal look, then go in for colours that are neither too bright nor too pale and subtle. And for a formal look, buy carpets in soft, pale or rich colours.

 While patterned carpets look good, plain colours can brighten up your room, giving it a neat and sophisticated feel. A mix of earthy tones and neutral colours are more warm and welcoming.
Carpets and living spaces

In your living room, you can place a carpet in an eye-catching exuberant shade of blue or magenta. Such colour combinations make a perfect contrast story for a minimalist theme with simple lines, aesthetic furnishings and visually light furniture.

If your flooring is attractive and needs visibility, partial carpeting is the best way to go. So pick up small-sized carpets for such rooms. They can be used as foot mats at the entrance or under the coffee and dining tables. Their colours should match a shade in soft furnishings or wall colourings so that the colour scheme in the room has a sense of continuity.

Small motifs are apt for a small room and larger patterns for a large room. Patterns in formal-looking carpets are usually extravagant like oriental rugs. The living room and dining room can be enriched with formal carpets, but bedrooms should have a more casual or semi-formal look.

You can also place a small carpet in bathrooms, if there’s adequate space. It’s a bit unusual, but the effect is worthwhile.

A cosy corner 

Select your cosy corner at home - a place to read or watch television or just do whatever it’s that brings you joy! Do up the space with your favourite accessories, including candles, decorative boxes, photo frames and vases with silk flowers. Place a carpet and put some cushions and bolsters in vibrant colours. Now, enjoy this space!

And the maintenance It is ideal to buy stain-resistant carpets, especially if you choose a light-coloured one . In case you have the carpets cleaned with shampoo, ensure that they are dry within 24 hours. If they retain moisture, it will lead to growth of mold. For spills on the carpet, attend to them immediately. Blot the area with a dry white cloth or white paper towels. Do not scrub the area as it causes distortion in the weave.

Have carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Dust and oils in the air will settle on unused areas of the carpet and professional cleaning ensures that the whole carpet area is well cleaned. Deep carpet cleaning is essential to remove deep set dirt, dust, pollen and the like, but remember to use environment- friendly carpet cleaning solutions and not chemicals.