Proud to set world record, says swimmer Bhakti

Proud to set world record, says swimmer Bhakti

Proud to set world record, says swimmer Bhakti

Indian open water swimmer Bhakti Sharma said Wednesday she was happy to set a world record and make her country proud.

Bhakti set a world record Jan 10 by swimming 1.4 miles in 52 minutes in one degree temperature in the Antarctic Ocean.

Bhakti became the first Indian woman to achieve this feat, beating the record of British open water swimming champion Lewis Pugh and American swimmer Lynne Cox.

"It was chilling cold water at Antarctic Ocean and I could see small and big icebergs moving. The ocean was not clear. This was making the passage for my swimming difficult and challenging," she said in a release.

"Before entering the water, I thought of my country and I realised this is the day I can make my country India proud."

Bhakti has just returned to India after setting the record in open water swimming.
She has now conquered all the five oceans of the world and she has broken this record after 12 years.

Hindustan Zinc sponsored Bhakti in her quest and Bhakti was grateful to the company.
"I had lost all hopes and that is where Hindustan Zinc came forward and instantly agreed to support me. Had I not received this support, I would have never been able to achieve this success', she said.

Bhakti said she would now work for malnourished children and women empowerment in Rajasthan and train 10 girls in open water swimming.

Akhilesh Joshi, CEO, Hindustan Zinc, said they would continue to endorse Bhakti in her future endeavours.

'Bhakti Sharma achievement is a landmark success for India, we all are very proud. Her achievement only proves that Indian girls can do marvels if given the right opportunities and support," Joshi said.