Munch on global pizzas

Munch on global pizzas


Munch on global pizzas

Pizza-lovers are in for a treat as Cafe Mangii presents ‘Mangii Pizza Festival’ at its outlets in Orion Mall and UB City. During this festival, one can savour genuine pizzas from across the globe, right in the heart of the City.

Says Prashant Narula, Branch Head, Cafe Mangii, “Every corner of the world has its own variation of the pizza. Local ingredients, cooking methods and climatic factors are a big influence on how people across the world have their pizzas.

For instance, the Greeks love fresh salad so their pizzas have lots of greens, gourmet cheese, olives etc. The French take pride in their sauces and love them on their version of pizzas especially the Alfredo sauce which is a cheesy sauce topped with exotic herbs and gourmet cheese.

The Mexicans love handheld food so if they were to have a pizza, they would have it with beans, salsa and nachos. We have researched how pizzas are had across the world. We want to strike the perfect balance between crust and toppings and our chefs have mastered not just the technique and process, but also sourcing of fresh ingredients that aren’t always easily available locally.”

The festival menu has popular pizzas from over ten countries. Pizzas from the far-flung corners of North America, South America, Europe and Asia find their way to your plate. Vegetarians can opt for the inviting and fresh ‘Big Fat Greek Pizza’ (mozzarella and feta cheese, black olives, red onions, basil and oregano), ‘Gringo Chilli’ with mozzarella cheese, beans, jalapenos, cilantro, sundried tomatoes topped with sour cream and salsa and the good old ‘Desi Pizza’ (cottage cheese with ‘makhani’ sauce, spinach, green chillies and sundried tomatoes).

The non-vegetarians can go for the Singaporean Merlion (garlic tossed calamari, grilled fish shreds, red onions, cherry tomatoes and roasted garlic), ‘Indonesian Volcano’ (flambéed shrimps, wild mushrooms, red paprika and chili flakes) and the delectable ‘Samba Portuguesa’ (cheese, caramalised onions, jalapenos, beef strips, eggs and olives). The ‘French Connection’ comes with Alfredo sauce, topped with sliced seasoned potatoes, wilted spinach, corn, crushed pepper, sizzling brie and is served with sour cream.

‘Trip To Hollywood’ is the American pizza with sautéed mushrooms, chicken ham, salami Milano, caramalised onions and the signature smoked cherry tomato sauce. The ‘Leaning Tower of Pizza A La Caprese’ has fresh mozzarella, olives, red and yellow cherry tomatoes with grilled chicken and salami.

‘Mangii Pizza Festival’ is on at Cafe Mangii till February 10.