'I'd love to work with a Bollywood singer'

'I'd love to work with a Bollywood singer'

'I'd love to work with a Bollywood singer'

EDM maestro Steve Aoki, recently returned to India for a three city tour with ‘Vh1 Supersonic Arcade’. The Japanese-American, apart from his mesmerising music and talent, is famous for his crazy on-stage antics during concerts like throwing cakes at the audience, riding rafts over the crowd, spraying champagne on the crowd and frequently interacting with them.

He performed in the City recently and was effusive about India and the people here. “I love India so much, and I am very happy to be back here. Actually, it is one of my favourite places to travel to, explore, go for crazy adventures and perform in front of the moving crowd.”

Briefing about his new album ‘Neon Future’, he says, “It is a very interesting concept, merging science fiction with real science, extending our lives, extending our creativity, opening up the mysteries of the brain. My roots weren’t in house or electronic music. They were always in live music and rock, punk and hardcore. What I want to do with this album is different. When I play music, I try to programme playlists that have the best potential to make the kids go crazy! This album is not really about that. I just want to put together a really great diverse musical album,” he adds with a passion that is impressive.

Talking about his on-stage antics, Aoki says, “The idea of ‘caking’ was from a music video by this guy on my label called Autoerotique. He did a video for his song, ‘Turn Up the Volume’, where these cakes would explode in slow motion in peoples’ face after they blew out the candles. It was really cinematic, beautifully shot. The song went viral because of the video, so I got the idea.” 

Speaking of rafting into the crowd, he explains, “It was in Coachella, 2009, that I first introduced rafts during my show. It is an interesting way to have fun with the fans, and it’s safer for me because previous to that, I was stage-diving — not the safest way to jump into a crowd! But if you have a raft, you have some sort of soft suspension and cushion.”

Ask him about the dance music scene in India and he says, “Like America, electronic dance music in India seems to be having more of an impact on other genres this days. The concerts are driven by the youth. The scene is growing with great energy and enthusiasm.”

Aoki has collaborated with a lot of very well-known artistes from across genres. He says, “As inspiration evolves, I get new interest. I meet new people all the time. I would love to work with any Bollywood singer in the future and a collaboration between Bollywood and dance music will be great.”