Bureaucrats to get laptops with 3G connectivity

Bureaucrats to get laptops with 3G connectivity

With the Tamil Nadu government deciding to provide the latest laptops and tablet PCs to bureaucrats, the state’s IAS and IPS are likely to go high-tech. 

State-owned Electronic Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) has been given the task of providing both the devices and high-end connectivity technology.  

In an order, IT department secretary T K Ramachandran said the government has earmarked Rs 43.40lakh to provide the latest technology to the bureaucrats for a smarter administration.

Laptops and tablets are currently available to only a few IAS and IPs officers with the basic internet connectivity. Now though, the officials would get high-speed 3G data cards along with the devices. 

"The recurring cost on connectivity will be reimbursed to the officers from their respective departmental budget according to their ceiling", the IT secretary said. Till now, the government has paid Rs 17.36 lakh. The rest of the money will be cleared after ELCOT pays the total amount. Each officer will get one year subscription for internet connectivity with the speeds of 7.2 MBPS for five GB data usage per month and 144 KBPS if the data limit exceeds. 

A senior Elcot official said tender has already been floated to procure data card and laptops.