SAP bets on ecomm, SMEs

SAP bets on ecomm, SMEs

SAP bets on ecomm, SMEs

Besides betting big on e-governance, SAP India is bullish on SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and growing opportunities in the ecommerce sector in the country. For this, it hopes to roll out cloud as well as on-premise solutions and software.

In an interaction with Deccan Herald, SAP India Managing Director Ravi Chauhan said the country is going through a decisive phase in its growth story and the overall business opportunities are very high. 

“The hopes, ambitions and aspirations of the Indian business community is world class. SAP works on the same premises. There is acceptance of our solutions and a strong desire to adopt them to be competitive ,” he said. 

He said the new government has already promised maximum governance and minimum government. 

“We can achieve this only through ecommerce. We are a bigger player in this space. To increase the profits of our PSUs and give more benefit to shareholders we should use their assets properly. We have solid tools to maximise productivity of our PSUs,” Chauhan said.  

The SAP head said it is wrong to see the company as serving only big clients. “We cater to the demands of SMEs. Our solutions are equally relevant to all organisations. The desire of these SMES to compete globally is phenomenal. They are ready to adopt our newer products.” he said. 

When asked about pricing, he said there is a wrong perception that its solutions and products are very highly priced. 

“When we talk to customers, our job is to show how SAP can  make a difference to them, increase revenues, and customer satisfaction. We calculate it with respect to the total value of ownership vis-à-vis the total benefit. We clearly show them that return on business will be more than the investment,” he said. 

Chauhan said the company updates new solutions and software for existing clients. “We have a support package with the clients and the additional new services will be part of that,” he said. 

SAP India is finding huge potential in ecommerce, strategic HR on the cloud, procurement, and the HANA analytic database platform. “Ecommerce is the hottest business segment around the globe and even in India. We are the best ecommerce segment solutions provider,” he said. 

When asked about the impact of cloud and on-premise-based solutions and software, he said it depends on consumer requirement.

“We deploy products as per customer requirement. Some products will run very well with the cloud, and others without.  We will find the best way to consume the service and deploy accordingly,” he said. 

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