Fall in vegetable prices brings smiles to customers' faces

Fall in vegetable prices brings smiles to customers' faces

Fall in vegetable prices brings smiles to customers' faces

Earlier, almost all the prices of vegetables had crossed Rs 20. Carrots, beans, lady’s finger, etc were being sold at Rs 35 and above per kg.
At present, the prices of vegetables have not crossed Rs 8 or Rs 10. The customers used to feel the pinch of expenses while purchasing vegetables on earlier occasions. They had to shell more bucks for a paltry quantity of vegetables.

With fall in the prices of vegetables, the customers are all thronging the markets. The vegetable vendors are also a happy lot. Suddenly there is a demand for a variety of          vegetables.

The vegetable market in the town is bustling with a lot of activities.
Expresses Subbanna, a customer, “After a long time, I have made a huge purchase of vegetables. We can have a feast everyday and all the family members can enjoy. The prices of vegetables have become quite affordable,” he adds.

Season of field beans

Adding to the season’s flavour is avarekayi or the field beans. It is around this time, around the year that the prices of the tasty and delicious avarekayi falls considerably. Customers throng the market to purchase kgs of avarekayi, through which they can try their hands at different gourmet.
And once the season begins to conclude, the prices once again sky-rocket, a vegetable vendor informs.

At present, the avarekayi was available for Rs 12 to Rs 14 per kg. Since there is a huge supply of field beans to the market, obviously there is a fall in the prices of this produce.
Yet, the prices of some specific vegetables have remained constantly  high. The prices of pure variety of onions have remained constantly at Rs 40 per kg.
So is the case of garlic. It has remained at Rs 80 per kg. While, even the prices of potatoes has remained at Rs 20 per kg.

People attribute this phenomenon to the fact that the farmers of Srinivaspur taluk have not cultivated onions and garlic on a large scale this year. While, the potato crops were infested with deformity disease. With this, the produce was low in the taluk, leading to an increase it their prices, according to sources.