A script with a soul

A script with a soul

The curiosity surrounding ‘Uttama Villain’ knows no bounds. Since Kamal Haasan has written the script, Ramesh Arvind has wielded the megaphone and late K Balachander has acted in it, the interest in the film is heightened. The recent audio release of the film in the presence of the who’s who of the film industry served as a teaser of things to come.

The film is written and shot in two different eras and the difference is distinct. Ramesh says he thoroughly enjoyed  making the film and takes great pride in the product. “I feel like I have directed two films in one. On one hand, there’s the 21st century tale of a reigning superstar and the other is an eighth century story of a folk artiste,” explains Ramesh.

Ramesh can’t help but get philosophical when he starts talking about the film. “There are two sides to the film. One is a social drama about human relationships, the other is a musical comedy in folk pattern. What connects the two threads is the common theme of both sectors — a universal truth about life,” feels Ramesh. Continuing on the nostalgic note, Ramesh observes that beyond the words on a page, every good script has a soul. “It’s a director’s job to understand that soul and bring it on screen in the best way possible, using all the talents of his team. He has to decide if the shot taken is the right one which deserves to be seen by the audience or a better take is needed,” he states.

The film has a remarkable starcast like K Balachander, K Viswanath, Urvashi, Jayaram and Kamal Haasan. “So a single frame has the best experience in it. To direct such an army of talent was an honour and privilege,” he adds.

Ramesh and Kamal have always hit it off well on and off screen. Ramesh feels Kamal is any director’s delight. “His belief in my abilities is heartening. Kamal is an enormously talented actor and working with him in the past, and even on this project, has been a rewarding experience. He adds a lot of quality to the frame through his sheer talent. And people will get to see him in avatars he has never attempted before,” Ramesh points out.

Ramesh says that the team misses their mentor and guide — K Balachander. “Kamal and I were discovered by K Balachander. We started our careers under his guidance,” says Ramesh. He feels the best tribute one can pay K Balachander is to make wonderful films like he did, to love cinema like he did, to nurture talent like him. ‘Uttama Villain’ will release in the first week of April.


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