The roadmap to success

The roadmap to success

The roadmap to success

Everyone craves for a better career and perform better in their life. The thirst for success grows as one rises up the career ladder.  This creates a competitive environment for everybody making success handy only for few. Moreover, only few could endure the hardships that one has to undergo to attain success. Here, are some aspects, which are to be endorsed to for growth in your career, which in return, would make you successful. 

Learning to communicate

Communication is not only the skills to express one self, but it is also the art of listening to others. Listening to others conveys a sense of respect to them. This also lets one to learn and understand better.

Emotional IntelligenceEmotional intelligence is about self-management. This is among the most important qualities one needs to have for career growth. This provides an advantage of oneself over others. This is about how a personal is sensitive towards others and how he or she reacts over any situation. 

Being involvedBeing responsible about whatever you do would let you take the full ownership of the job. Always give your 100 per cent while doing any work. Give importance to what you give rather than what you receive A sense of profit or returns is an ingrained quality in any human being. To grow along with an organisation, one must try to give the best with no thoughts about any returns. Remember, you can only grow if the organisation grows. Therefore, focus more on your contribution.

Respect your seniors Mutual respect among employees is crucial to maintain sound environment in any workspace. However, a junior should respect seniors irrespective of their competency and skills. Seniors always have more experience and there is always something to be learnt from them.

Self-reputation is a hardliner One must care about his own image and about his own impression on others. The inner qualities such as dependability and credibility are the building blocks of self-reputation. These traits of one’s character make one eligible to be entrusted with responsibilities. These qualities help a person to bear fruitful relationships with their seniors, who can help them to grow further. Higher responsibilities are imperative for the growth of one’s career. A person, who is incompetent, can be trained to gain skills, but a person who does not have a strong personal reputation will not thrive.

Learn when to say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’A common trait in any organisation is the tendency of any employee to maintain similar tones to that of their seniors. This is regarded as the lubricant that smoothens the interpersonal relationships within an organisation, which in turn would help an employee’s success. However, one must also realise the power of denial on the favour of a greater good. Everyone should respect divergence from the common theme for the interest of the organisation. Even though, this might go against seniors at times, one should have the power to convince others of what is right.

Team work and relationshipsKeeping the interest of the organisation or the team above self-interest is one of the most important personal traits required for career growth. While working together with a group of people with diverse mindset and personalities, differences of opinion is certain. One must be capable to move along such differences without creating any hurdle to the team. Ego is one of the major problems creating barriers towards teamwork. To tackle this problem, one should understand that ego is never greater than relationships.

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