A flashback to the 60s

A flashback to the 60s

A flashback to the 60s

An unlikely bunch of six girls somehow got close to one another in the year 1961, in the first year of their BSc course (Botany, Zoology and Chemistry) in Maharani’s College for Women, Bengaluru.

Our group of six comprised Nagmani (Nagu), a swimming ace who went on to become a senior under officer in NCC; Madhuri who excelled in sports and won many trophies in table tennis; Ramabai (Rami), with great leadership qualities, who deservedly became the college president; Nirupama who took part in many cultural activities and, as an avid cricket fan, once feigned a fainting spell in chemistry class, to be kindly led by yours truly to her hostel room, only to listen to cricket commentary; the ever cheerful Preme, with whom I spent many hours in Lalbagh, ostensibly for combined study of the plant kingdom (which invariably ended in a picnic) and Susheela, that is me.

We were for the most part shaky on the financial front but somehow saved from our daily bus fare, tiffin allowance and the occasional dole from visiting relatives etc. The money thus saved helped us indulge in the tastiest of cutlets in a cute joint named ‘Baby Snacks’. We were a very mischievous group and may not have been shining examples of focused scholarship but had deep respect and affection for our truly dedicated lecturers.
As adults, my friends have excelled in whatever they chose to do in their lives. Madhuri moved to Canada, got married and raised a family alongside a career as a highly rated legal adviser. Rami, a very successful business woman, lives in her beautiful farm house in Delhi and was earlier president of the ‘All India Women Entrepreneurs’ Association’.

Before her marriage she also taught in a college in Bengaluru. Preme, blessed with an endearingly sunny nature in spite of three heart surgeries, was a successful  banker and earned the ‘Best Branch’ tag for the bank branch she was heading. Multi-talented Nirupam, a perfectionist in whatever she took up, be it embroidery, crochet or Mysore painting, was a successful bank manager too. The compassionate and open-minded Nagu was a lecturer before donning the role of a perfect home-maker who saw several blind students through their  academic  endeavours. All I can say about myself is that I hope I have lived my life as a decent human being.

The ‘Maharani Sixers’ have never failed to keep in touch with one another through all the ups and downs of life. The one time all six of us managed to be together was in 2010 in Kabini.

The 50th anniversary  of  our friendship was celebrated by us in 2011 in a beautiful resort in Wayanad (some of the spouses joining in). We sadly missed Preme, who could not join us owing to health problems. I cannot thank god enough for connecting me with such wonderful women. Cheers then to the ‘Maharani Sixers’!

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