Groom dumped over failed math test

Groom dumped over failed math test

Groom dumped over failed math test

A bride in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur Dehat district, about 150 km from here, walked out of her marriage ceremony after the groom failed to answer a simple mathematical question.

According to reports, the bride, a high school pass-out, wanted to test whether the groom was educated.

She had been informed that the groom was illiterate, and wanted to ensure that she was not marrying someone uneducated.

Just as the marriage was about to be solemnised, the bride reportedly requested her cousin to ask the groom a mathematical question. The cousin asked the groom the sum of 15 and six. The groom, who was indeed uneducated, said it was 17.

The shocked bride flatly refused to go ahead with the marriage and walked out of the wedding venue.

“I can not marry a man who does not know such a simple thing,” she furiously told her relatives when they tried to persuade her to return.

The bride's father, Mohar Singh, also supported her decision. “We were not clearly told about the groom's education. We thought he must have been at least a high school pass-out,” he said.

The groom's father, Ram Baran, a resident of Etawah district, about 200 km from here, also tried to persuade the bride, and told her that his son could pursue studies after marriage, but she stood firm on her decision.

The police were called in as some apprehended trouble when it came to settling the expenses incurred by the bride's family.

The matter was, however, amicably settled after elders from both sides intervened, and no case was registered in this regard.