Will stick to my stand: Bhagwan

Will stick to my stand: Bhagwan

The writer had recently commented on Gita

Writer K S Bhagwan, who had stoked controversy following his comments against the Bhagavad Gita, said that he stood by the remarks he had made in the past.

Addressing a press meet, he said that verse 32 and 33 in chapter 9 of the religious text describes women, 'vaishyas' and 'shudras' as sinners. “I had said that this portion of the text should be burnt. I stand by the statements made,” he said.

He said that Vishwa Hindu Parishat, by organising Virat Hindu Samajothsavas was misinforming the public about Bhagavad Gita. An alternative forum, Sarvajana Vedike will be formed to raise awareness about the lies propagated by the Parishat, he said.

Commenting on the verses, he said that only two per cent of the population in India were Brahmins. “Remaining 98 per cent comprise women, shudras and vaishyas. Are they all sinners?” he questioned. He said that all communities, including Brahmin women should reject the text.

Writer Aravind Malagathi, said that several persons had raised objections about his remarks regarding Bhagavad Gita. “To answer them, I am writing a book called ‘Bhagavad Gitege Namaskara’, which will be published shortly. The book will provide answers to critics,” he said.
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