Art is where her heart is

Art is where her heart is

Twin ventures

Art is where her heart is

It is a competitive world and Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ makes more sense now than ever. Adapting to this competitive world and making a mark of her own is youngster Leanne Pais, a student and a successful entrepreneur of two ventures.

A passionate young lady and a proud owner of two startups — ‘Hot Pink Frangipanis’ and ‘Leanne’s Soul Art’ — Leanne is currently pursuing her MSc in counselling psychology.       She became a full-time business woman recently when she was struck by the idea of utilising her talent in a better way. “I used to draw as a kid and my interest in art grew stronger when I was a 13-year-old. It would not be wrong if I say that art runs in my blood. My family is full of with artists — including my mother and grandmother.”

An ambitious youngster, Leanne has a lot to boast about, as her interest has become two full-fledged businesses. While ‘Hot Pink Frangipanis’ sells affordable range of handcrafted earrings, bracelets, candles, clutches, stoles..., ‘Leanne’s Soul Art’ is a startup for seasoned and intricate paintings made from ink by herself. Officially started in 2014, both are a result of her never ending passion for creativity. Just a few months old, ‘Hot Pink...’ is already making its mark abroad in the US and Europe. The products are individually handcrafted by Leanne and no two are of the same kind.

 They are all one-piece handcrafted products that range from colourful stoles to unique clutches. The designer jewellery and clutches that are usually available at a higher price are affordable here. Her clutches are undoubtedly one-of -a-kind. “One of the clutches will be worn by an Italian bride at her wedding,” she says smiling. Having smelt the success of her hard work and creativity, she is soon going to expand her business by starting a line of men’s fashion products soon.

If ‘Hot Pink...’ casts light on her creativity in a subtle way, ‘Leanne’s Soul Art’ brings her under spotlight. It consists of fine art pieces of premium range. Ink is positively her drug as her artworks are intricate, unique and original. Ink on paper, murals and paintings are the highlights of ‘Leanne’s Soul Art’.

   “Ink on paper is my speciality. They are all one-piece work and I do not make another copy of them,” she says. Inspired by nature, her work is “a form of Warli art”.  She makes her own designs depending on her artistic mood. It can be anything from reaction and poetry to socio-cultural art. “I like stationery stuff and ink is my medium. My art is done using any ordinary pen. I can bring out the intricacy through ink,” she says.

She has been a part of three exhibitions till date and her business is soon going to spread its wings in Geneva, Thailand and the US. She is also planning to open a boutique in Frazer Town that will display all her artwork and handcrafted products. “For me, art and college have always gone side-by-side. When I need a break from studies, art is what I turn to,” she wraps up.  

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