Brewing new ideas each day

Dynamic duo

Brewing new ideas each day

Logan Schaedig and Hollis Coats believe that beer brewing is an art that not only requires loads of imagination and creativity but monumental patience as well. They began their career with Arbor Brewing Company in the United States. Logan Schaedig, the head brewer, was a part of the core team in the US until he moved to Bengaluru a couple of years ago to set up the Arbor Brewing Company here. 

It’s the freedom to explore and experiment that Logan loves most about his job. He doesn’t believe that beer should be drunk in the typical flavour. He feels that it would taste much better if a lot more ingredients were added on. “Bengaluru has given us the opportunity to throw in the very local ingredients during the brewing process. We’ve tried making beer from raw mangoes, tomatoes, saffron, watermelon and chikoo. This not only enriches the flavour but adds to the pleasure of beer drinking,” reasons Logan.

   Hollis too worked in the parent company in the US before joining Logan in Bengaluru. “We try not to stick to the predictable format of beer brewing. We’ve tried making beer with carrot, chocolate, coffee and herbs. It’s all healthy and changes the way you look at the very concept of beer drinking,” explains Hollis.

 Logan and Hollis not only spend a lot of time at work together but take time off to discover Bengaluru. “We’ve hopped in and out of every conceivable restaurant, pub and wayside eatery. We used to regularly gorge on the streetside ‘pani puri’ until I fell terribly ill. We stopped it at once after that,” explains Logan. The duo swear by the typical South Indian breakfast of ‘idli’, ‘dosa’ and ‘egg dosa.’ “There’s a tiny place closer to where we stay and we are almost regulars over there for the ‘dosa.’ It’s healthy and a perfect way start to the day,” reasons Hollis.

  Logan and Hollis create a new flavour of beer everyday. “We revamp the menu at Arbor Brewing Company here regularly and have noticed that the people have taken well to the change. Even women don’t shy away from trying out the different flavours,” shares Logan.

 Work is demanding and challenging as well but Logan and Hollis never miss a chance to pack their bags and head out for a vacation across the country, only to return rejuvenated with newer ideas.

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