I miss my country badly, says Husain

I miss my country badly, says Husain

“I miss India tremendously. But I can’t go back because of the many cases against me,” Husain said at a function at Dubai Modern High School.

The odds may be against him but there’s no stopping the “Barefoot Artist,” who was wearing pink nail paint.

“I still paint a lot and I am busy with my works on Indian civilisation,” the 94-year-old artist said.

Husain surprised everyone at the function by painting a dove, instead of his trademark horses, when he was invited to “speak” to the schoolchildren through his art.

As Husain’s dove spread its wings and soared over a bright orange sun and the sky dazzled with the shades of the tricolour, it was clear that the “Picasso of India” was talking peace.
In less than 15 minutes, Husain had completed another piece, with children guessing if it was a falcon or a flying horse that was soaring higher and higher. “I have painted a dove. It is a symbol of peace,” he said, setting aside the children’s suggestions. The project was special for Husain and the children, because it was a joint venture.