All in the family

All in the family

Good bartender

All in the family

 Mimoh Chakraborty

Mimoh Chakraborty, the son of veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty, believes in getting into the skin of his characters  so much so that he went visiting various pubs and bars to learn how to be a good bartender for his role in his next project Spaghetti 24X7.

“I have visited a lot of lounge bars and pubs not only in Mumbai but also in Kolkata so that I can play my role of a bartender in the film in a better way. I researched for three months for the character. I noticed every mannerism of bartenders,” Mimoh said. “The way they talk, walk and the way they deal with their customers — I noticed everything. And after all the hard work we put in the research, I felt quite comfortable while shooting on the sets,” he said.

Spaghetti 24X7 revolves around the concept of bars and the life of a bartender. The film’s title is the name of the bar in the movie. In the film, directed by Gaurav Pandey, Mimoh for the first will pair up with his father on the silver screen.

“It has been a great learning experience to work with my dad. He has always given his best shot and it became my responsibility to match up to his level in every aspect — be it acting or dancing. But his presence made me very nervous and confronting him was nerve-wracking for me. During the shoot I used to stammer a lot when he was around, so we had to take a week off, so I could make myself calm and comfortable with his presence on the sets,” he said. Mithun's younger son, Rimoh, too is a part of the project as the assistant director, but the latter has kept acting as a career option as well. 

Said Mimoh, “Rimoh has kept his doors open. Although he did a movie named Phir Kabhi which was my father's movie, he is focusing on direction as of now.”