Sikh removes turban to help bleeding child in New Zealand

Last Updated 17 May 2015, 11:28 IST

A 22-year-old Sikh man broke religious protocol by removing his turban to help a profusely bleeding child following a road accident in New Zealand, garnering praise for his humanitarian effort, a media report said today.

Harman Singh was at his home in Auckland when a five- year-old boy, who was walking to school with his elder sister, was hit by a car nearby.

Singh rushed to the spot after hearing the screeching of car wheels and the commotion.
He said he did not think twice about removing his turban to help the child, who was bleeding from the head.

"I wasn't thinking about the turban. I was thinking about the accident and I just thought that he needs something on his head because he's bleeding. That's my job to help," Singh was quoted as saying by New Zealand Herald.

Though removing turban is rare, Singh said the religious protocols do not restrict action in emergency situations, the report said.

The injured boy was rushed to a nearby hospital where his injuries were initially thought to be life-threatening but later, his condition was stated to be stable.

An eyewitness to the whole episode, Gagan Dhillon clicked a picture of Singh with the child and posted it on social networking site Facebook with a caption "So proud of this young Sikh man who helped at a crash this morning where a child was hit by a car."

Scores of people shared the image within minutes while showering praise on him.

Dhillon, a Sikh himself, said taking off a turban to help a stranger on street was a rare sight.
There was enough help as there was, but being a Sikh myself, I know what type of respect the turban has. People just don't take it off - people die over it.
Netizens praised Singh for his action, considered a hugely significant act of humanity by breaking strict religious protocol to help a stranger.

(Published 17 May 2015, 11:28 IST)

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