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Right move

Sir, The appointment of M K Narayanan, a bureaucrat of eminence, as governor of West Bengal is good news. It is well-known that persons with political background, when appointed as governors interfere in the functioning of the state governments.
The bureaucrats on the other hand function independently and also without interfering in the functioning of the governments concerned.

B S Raghavendra Rao,

Scrap deemed university concept
The HRD Ministry decision to derecognise 44 Deemed Universities across the country who are found to be non performing is a welcome move. The students are not going to be affected as these universities will be allowed to revert to their original affliated universities.

 But the question is why only these 44 universities - Is it because they are performing bad now? Does it mean that these universities were performing till last assessment well? Performance of the deemed unversities depend on the members of the management which changes from time to time. The deemed universities which are found to be good today may become bad in the coming years. So, there is a risk of all deemed universities performing bad at one time of the other. There cannot be fool proof method of monitoring these universities from time to time.

All the deemed universities have been commercialised and there is no professionalism. Centre must scrap deemed university concept and ask all the 126 deemed universities across the country to go back to their original affiliated universities. This will ensure the students will have a stable educational institutions in the country.

 K R Anandagopalan
Vinayaka Layout
Hebbal Kempapura
Bangalore 560 024.


Welcome move

We should welcome the move by HRD Ministry to derecognize these institutions since they are not following the norms laid by UGC. There was literally no control on these universities since most of such universities are enjoying strong political backing. There is no need for the students to make a hue and cry of the issue since HRD Ministry has made it clear that, the students of such universities  will be getting their degrees. Let this change be a lesson to those universities who were not only collecting heavy capitation fees from students but also not providing the required facilities to students. One should know that, It is the violation of implementing principles, erratic fee structures, poor quality of faculty, substandard facilities, lack of infrastructure lead to such action by the govt. Ultimately, when it comes to the employment, the individual skill and the subject knowledge of the student which is counted rather than which university he is coming from.

Anantha Padmanabha
Janapriyanivas Apts
Hesaraghatta main road
Bangalore 90
Enforce blanket ban on deemed varsities

This is with reference to "Six varsities in State may lose deemed status" [DH 19/1/2010] which should serve as an eye opener to the authorities incharge of MHRD and higher education who blindly recommend for such an academic status to all sorts of institutions-which often has political and other clouts, as well as to the students who rush to join such institutions, without any proper verification looking only at the state of the art buildings and colourful brochures.
The Government should bring in a blanket ban on conferring deemed university status to all private institutions in education which are often 'academic fiefdoms' run like 'jagirs' of  pre-independence era.
At the most the Government can grant an autonomous status[academic and not financial] to prestigious colleges with proven track record and potential for academic excellence, with out compromising on the affiliated status and Government control on all service matters. The Education scene in our State should not stoop to the level of a north Indian State when Chief Minister Ajit Jogi went to the extent of granting permission to start private universities  with their head quarters operating from one room shops.

C N Halli, R T Nagar
Bangalore 560032


Deemed Universities

The move to reconsider deemed university status granted to some of the universities was an expected one. Henceforth granting of deemed university status needs to be reviewed atleast once in 4 to 5 years by an over seeing committee constituted for the purpose. If and only if the overseeing committee is fully satisfied with all round development, progress & performance, such deemed status needs to be continued.

Pradeep Kumar K
Mysore 16.

Control weed growth
I had been to Bandipur forest through Jungle Lodges Forest Reort last week. We found parthenium growth all along the jeep tracks, luckily they have not yet spread into deep jungle. This could be because the jeeps used for safari are also used for running to other near by villages for supplies. Probably the tyres pick up the parthenium seeds from these places and speads them into the jungle. Immediate action should be taken in this regard

Language politics
Sir, Raj Thackarey wants people 'to speak in Marathi at public places like markets, malls, bus stops and railway stations'. 65% of Mumbaikars are non-Maharashtrians. Raj ought to know that D R Bendre was a Maharashtrian but became one of the greatest Kannada poet.
Nearer home, Kannada Development Authority, has issued instructions to government agencies in Bangalore not to accept any application in English. This is ill advised. 72% of the Bangalore citizens are non-kannadigas, and may not be familiar Kannada. There are a large number of even 'appata' kannadigas who are in the same situation. KDA  should allow acceptance of correspondence in English and get it translated in Kannada so that people do not face inconvenience.. They could borrow a leaf from Singapore where four languages are used. This apart, KDA has no authority to force ordinary people to  use  only Kannada.. Linguistic jingoism ought not to be stretched to  hamper the normal life of people.

M M Kotian
Hebbal, Bangalore - 24

BBMP projects and political parties

This is with reference to the report on DH "BBPM Projects trigger a storm", dated 14th Jan 2009.

It is objectionable on government's part if there were any irregularities in approving the projects of the BBMP.
They should have done it in a better and planned way than doing it hurriedly overnight. It is the duty of the opposition parties to oppose any such moves. At the same time, it can be remembered that the JD(S) coalition Govt, before stepping down from its 20 months' term in office, had given approvals for many major projects including the DLF SEZ for Rs 15,000 Crores. The then CM ( Kumaraswamy ) had also allocated all the BDA sites of CM  over-night to his circle of Family members.  It should be reminded to the JD(S) members that they do not have any moral rights or ethical grounds to oppose the current actions of the Govt.

If political parties incorporate some values to their voices and actions, it will be really good for the nation and the common public.

Dayananda YS
RPC Layout
Vijaya Nagara,
Bangalore - 560 040

Exemplary actor
"It never rains, but it pours," goes an aphorism and the tragic death of  K. S. Ashwath, the veteran character artiste of the Kannada film industry, close on the heals of  C. Aswath and Vishnuvardhan is a big blow to the movie industry.  K. S Ashwath personified how humble a man should be both in real and reel life.  His character role in legions of films is etched in our memories and K. S. Ashwath will be remembered forever.  The artistes of Kannada industry should emulate the late actor's outlook in life.  K. S. Ashwath's life was exemplary.  May his soul rest in peace.

K. Chidanand Kumar
Koramangala 3rd Block
Bangalore - 560 034.

Legend gone
Indeed it is a sad situation, After Mr C.Ashwath and Mr.Vishnuvardhan Kannada Film Industry has lost Mr.K.S.Ashwath, the legendary actor who spent most of his lifetime serving Kannada film industry. Having acted in nearly 300 films Mr Ashwath lived a very simple life. Most of his roles used to be of Father or Guardian. In a way he was the ëPithamaha ëof Kannada cinema. Though he has left us, his legacy lives on , guiding and motivating the new generation actors. He deserved much more awards and recognitions than he received. The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and other and Cultural organizations should conduct cultural programmes in memory of the great actor and the true legend.

Anantha Padmanabha
318 Janapriyanivas Apts
Hesaraghatta main road
Bangalore 90

Monumental loss to Kannada Culture
In less than 20 days we lost Sri Vishnuvardhan, Sri C Ashwath, Sri KS Ashwath, three great pioneers of Karnataka Culture and Entertainment Industry. Each one of them has acheived a lot in his own domain. They also set perfect examples of being a good human being, humble citizen and simplicity. It is sad that we ended 2009 by losing two of these gaints and stared 2010 again by losing one more of these rare jewels. Their achievements will leave an every lasting memory in Karantaka's Survarna Yuga.
 Ashok Pandeshwar,
Upkar Residency,
Ullalu Upanagara,
Bangalore 560 091


 Basu : An Iconic leader

Diminutive Jyoti Basu, who outlived most of his contemporaries, was a man of immense
political stature. His charisma was undisputed and he was certainly the best-known face of communism across the land - transcending the regional limitations of the Left's base
and influence.

Jyoti Basu lived and died by a doctrine that dissected historical forces in order to serve a utopian revolutionary purpose. All his life Jyoti Basu had only two identities-that of a communist and of a Bengali bhadralok. Mr. Basu will be remembered for his record as independent India's longest-serving Chief Minister (June1977-November 2000), who led the Communist Party of India (Marxist)and the Left Front to the first five of its seven successive Assembly election triumphs which is unlikely to be bettered for a long time to come.

The highlights of his legacy as Chief Minister are land reforms,which benefitted millions of sharecroppers and peasants and helped consolidate a rural class base, democratisation of panchayati raj institutions; the establishment of the Haldia petro-chemical complex. He was also among the few leaders who transcended regional, organisational and ideological confines and gained national stature and acceptability. Echoing Engels, he once famously and defiantly said that he won't conform to the world and would change it.

As a Marxist he believed in the inexorable movement of history and discounted the role of personalities in it. But the man's mind, style and life left a deep mark on the history of his state and gave his party an emblematic facefor many decades. As an administrator he had few equals. He combined aggression, authority, good sense and human concern in governance of a state known for volatility and quakes of popular moods.

 Basu was principled, sometimes arrogant but always honest and an intrepid fighter who valued consensus. Basu's outstanding contribution was his grasp over the political largeness and subtleties of India. Not only the leader of West Bengal, but of India he was a great patriot, democrat, parliamentarian.

With his passing away, India has lost a significant connection to an earlier idea of politics, where principles mattered more than the pelf of power and where the concept of "greater good" still had more currency than mere expediency. It may be no exaggeration to say that three stalwarts of modern Bengal who will be remembered across the country are Rabindranath Tagore, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Jyoti Basu.
Suman Kukal ( Mrs )
Sector 48 B

Irony of a Marxist
Jyoti Basu, one of the last hardcore Marxist leaders, was a man of principles - a tribe now fast dwindling. He was extremely opinionated and desperate to implement the Soviet-style of socialism in India. However he left for heavenly abode with a broken heart. Broken heart, because he was destined to see the downfall of a dogma he championed throughout his life with incurable fervor only to find that there were inherent inconsistencies in it.   It is ironical that he who prophesied that one day the workers would rule the world had the misfortune to see the empire of communism crumbling like a pack of cards.

 Though he had put up a brave face, his misfortune was worst confounded when his successor in West Bengal had to pave way for Coca-Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken and usher in an era of free-market capitalism. Throughout his rule in West Bengal he tried to shape policies in pro-communist and pro-Russian direction with full political mandate to do so.  His devotees who still keep the photos of Stalin and Lenin at the party headquarters at Kolkata will now install his photo there. And it is indisputably worth.
Arvind D. Tapkire
,Sai Vihar, Charkop,
Kandivali (W), Mumbai-67


Historic Blunder
Jyoti Basu, the undefeated politician was known for his probity in public life. A champion of Social Justice, his two decade rule as a Chief Minister would have made him an ideal Prime Minister. The decision taken by the CPM politburo in 1996 was indeed a historic blunder. Basu had then told the reporters that he would not shirk any responsibility given to him.

An erudite Marxist scholar, his speech on economic policies in America left the crowd spellbound. Some remarked 'If this is Marxism, then we do not mind communism coming to America! He was the Prime Minister that India missed.

Satish Mudaliar,
Muniswamappa Road,


Change Laxman's position
By virtue of his Seniority & height, V V S Lakshman is being positioned at Slips in Test Cricket Matches. But, invariably he drops one catch at least in one innings - more than 20 in his career.
When there is no dependability, he should be posted at backward short leg, long on, long off, etc.

P. S. Seshan
Sree Rama Nagara,
Ittamadu, Banashankari III Stage,
Bangalore - 560 085

Timely action by police
The Police as a rule receive only brickbats.  Perhaps we the citizens of India are blissfully unaware of the conditions under which they toil endlessly.  Through the columns of your esteemed daily I sincerely offer my boquets to the Police in general and the entire team at the Malleswaram Police Station lead by Inspector Sri M. Srinivas.

 Recently one of my relative's daughter went missing from her college.  After anxiously waiting till the night we decided to lodge a complaint at the said police station.  The very next morning a team of policemen came to the college premises and spoke to several of her classmates and valuable leads were collected and the police promptly proceeded to investigate the available leads.

  The locations and address of all the mobile numbers were promptly traced with the help of the service providers and teams of plainclothesmen were despatched to the said locations.  This prompt action resulted in tracing the missing girl and the joy of the parents knew no bounds.  This is all the more appreciable because we are middle class people having no influence whatsoever.  All myths about the police acting only upon a word from influential people were shattered.  Hats off to the entire staff of the Malleswaram Police Station.  May your tribe increase.

U. Shivakumar
Bangalore - 560 032

Hopes of deserving dashed
Time and now innocent people have been victims of the bureaucracy and Red tapism. Recently a list of 15 KAS officers was finalised to be sent to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Delhi. Among the 15 shortlisted, 3 officers were to be selected for the prestigious posts, based on their integrity, experience and merit. The whole process was said to be completed within the time frame of 31st Dec of the last year.
Apathy and insensitivity veiled the eyes of the authorities to such an extent that the matter took more than a month and half to be finally signed and sent to Delhi. Alas!

 The earnest hopes, ambitions and wishes of many deserving officers were dashed to a dead end. Intrigues and concerns were published in some of the newspapers even during the month of November. However, the slow process put paid to the aspirations of these senior officers. We only hope that our authorities will be more sensitive and responsible and do not jeopardize the opportunities of some for the sake of few others.
Sahana Vanahalli.
Kudos to Sachin
Sachin carried his bat through and hit another ton and continued his habit for centuries in the first Test against Bangladesh at Chittogong. India needed the score very badly since all the other batsmen except Sewhag fared poorly against the disciplined Bangladesh bowling. Perhaps we are a little complacent against the Bangladesh team and the big team players fell like 9 pins

As rightly observed by Ian Chapell, we need to strengthen our bowling and we need  a wicket-taking and match-winning bowler at the moment.

It is hard work and the fine team spirit which put us at No1. spot. But to sustain the same is very important. It is very important that we should stay at the top with consistent performance. Sachin is a player who takes all the teams seriously.His sterling knock needs to be commended.sachin crossed 13K runs in the test cricket and also hit up 44th ton and it shows his commitment to the game.

T.M.Maistry St.
Chennai - 600 041

 Deadly lorries

The tragic death of three young IT professionals by running into a lorry is not at all surprising. While returning at night from Dhanushkoti after witnessing the eclipse we were driving along the four-lane divided tolled highways both in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. We noticed that nearly 90 percent of the lorries have no rear red lights. Often pairs of these lorries many long articulated trucks) were seen to be driven side by side, blocking the highway. There was no patrolling of the highway conditions by the traffic police. The young professionals may have been under the influence of alcohol but that alone cannot be the reason for what happened.
S. N. Balasubrahmanyam
Machohalli, Bapagram PO
Bangalore 560 091

Separate platform for Volvos

I congratulate the BMTC officials for having taken the right decision to move all the Volvo Buses onto one platform, thereby avoiding the chaos on all other platforms at the Kempegowda Bus Station of BMTC.

But there are other issues that need attention.BMTC should  hire some guards/wardens to handle the crowd to prevent it from  coming on to the centre of the road,  BMTC also need to control the menace of spitting on road or throwing disposable packets on the platforms.  

Also BMTC should start interacting with public in an open forum atleast once in a month in major Bus-Stations, so that they get valuable feed-backs and suggestions for improving their services.

Rajajinagar 2nd Stage
Bangalore -10

Reel and real
It is unfortunate that a student committed suicide after following the idea as shown in "3 Idiots"(as per Press Reports). Real and reel life are always different. Films are purely fiction some base of real life may be there. Films are for entertainment mainly-if one has to follow or copy the film ideas it is solely that persons responsibility. Life is much above and much more real than films-it has to be understood by everyone. For example, if one copies jumping from train as shown by hero in a film  and dies, naturally that person is an idiot! Like every system there can be flaws in education system too but that does not mean education is faulty.

 In fact education means sharpening of mind -to behave better more logical with right instant decisions. It is not just to earn money and choose a career. hardly anyone gets a job they like and at one or other time in a span of career one feels bored. It is because one is living in materialistic world of 21st century where money is the sole criteria of a persons success in life. And who bothers how it is acquired -with right or wrong means? There is nothing wrong in the film "3 Idiots" but it is with cinegoers if they copy it or compare it with real life situations.

Mahesh Kumar
Kolaba Chambers,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi 110 001
 Utilise solar power
I agree with our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's opinion that the use of solar energy should be encouraged all over India. Though the irrigation projects initiated by few state governments are helping agriculture, they (states) are consuming a lot of electricity from the national grid. To avoid this, the government should take steps to promote solar energy.
Places where hydro power is generated can also be used to generate solar energy. Hydro power should be generated only during monsoon and winter. During summer, solar panels can be used to generate power. In addition, coastal districts can set up small wind power generation units to cater to small areas.

On a trial basis, few selected places in India can start a solar power generation unit with help of the relevant state and the central government. These steps will go a long way in generating clean electricity and reducing pollution. Simultaneously organic agriculture should be encouraged on large scale because food is the vital necessity for our survival.

Similarly saplings plantations should also be encouraged vastly. Thus solar energy, organic agriculture and greenery are must for our better and safer tomorrow.
Hansraj Bhat
Geetanjali Nagar,
 Saibaba Mandir Road, Borivali (W),
Mumbai 400092

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