On top of the world

On top of the world

On top of the world

It was a Monday that brought with it a bouquet of surprises. As the PUC, ICSE and ISC results came out, students who scored top marks could not contain their excitement. While they shared their joy and spelt out their gratitude to their parents and teachers, they also unravelled the secret of their success and their plans for the future.     

Sumanth kept his cool throughout the year. “I didn’t study from the beginning of the term. I started preparing only when the preparatory exams were around the corner. I wasn’t really nervous before the exam,” he says. Sumanth has joined National Public School, CBSE, for his 11th and 12th standard. “I have joined a coaching centre to prepare for the IIT-JEE exam. I am interested in programming so I will specialise in computer science.”

Gayathri, his mother, is extremely proud of her son. “We didn’t put any pressure on him. He is a very hard-working boy and studied on his own. We were very confident that he would score well. He is a brilliant boy and we will continue to support him in whatever he does,” she says.

New Horizon Public School
Vaidehi is grateful to her school for helping her secure a high score. “I started my preparation before the two model exams itself so that I could be thorough with the subjects as the board exams came closer. I used to study a lot during my holidays and my parents supported me too. I plan to pursue medicine or pure sciences. I will be studying in CMR National Public School.”

Her mother, Dr Sunitha, says, “She is a motivated girl. As my husband and I are working, we had no time to help her. She did the entire preparation on her own.”

Shivani Rudra (Humanities)
Mallya Aditi International School
Shivani Rudra says that the reason behind her success is her interest in the subjects. “I was expecting a good score and I am really glad with the results. I studied systematically right from the start and this helped a lot in the preparation process,” she says. Shivani adds that she wants to pursue studies in international relations abroad.
Her parents, Shailesh and Rekha, are jubilant about the score too. Shailesh says, “We knew she would do well. But we weren’t expecting such a high score.”

Swithin Thomas
Clarence High School  
It is the balance between studies and co-curricular activities that helped Swithin attain success. “I was as involved in extra-curricular activities as academics. If I had concentrated only on academics, the result wouldn’t have been as satisfactory,” he says. “I focussed more on the chapters and subjects that I was weak in. It was during November and December that I worked really hard. I revised everything thoroughly in January and February,” says the son of Som and Shyni Thomas. His interest lies in arts and he wants to take up Literature, Psychology, Economics or Law. Som Thomas, his father, says, “We are really grateful to the teachers and the school. He has always been in the same school and we believe that the strong foundation of the school also helped him score well. He never went for tuitions and we have always advised him to understand the concept and not mug up.”

Vaishnavi Mohan
Sarvodaya National Public School
Vaishnavi didn’t want to go for tuitions initially. “However, I joined them to prepare better. The support from my tuition centre and the school really helped. But I had to quit my music classes to focus more on studies,” she says. Vaishnavi plan to study Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Electronics in Sardar Patel School.

Her mother Hema says, “She is a very hard-working child and put in a lot of effort right from the start. I didn’t pressurise her much and she was not tensed before the exams. My husband is in Dubai and I stay with my two daughters in the City. I am very proud that Vaishnavi concentrated on her studies and supported us simultaneously.”

Rohan James (Science)
Clarence High School
Consistent dedication and hard work always bears fruit. Rohan James says that he paid attention to what was taught in class and this is what helped him.

“My favourite subjects are Maths and Physics. I would concentrate in class and revise just before the examinations. I never panicked while preparing and my parents were very supportive, which helped a lot,” he says.

His parents James George and Rani are highly excited about the results. James says, “I knew he would do well but this was a pleasant surprise.” Rani adds, “We never asked him to study or pushed him to do anything. I hope he is able to do his higher studies in Maths, as he loves the subject.”

Malvika S Nair (Commerce)
Deeksha Centre for Learning

Malvika took the constant feedback given by her teachers in positive manner. “Almost 90 per cent of my preparation was taken care of thanks to the support of my teachers. I’m extremely thankful to them and my parents for their words of encouragement. I plan to write my CA in future,” she says. Bindu, her mother, says that she is very proud of her daughter’s achievements. “She was not always into studies. In fact, she would actively take part in various extra-circular activities. She also pursued all her hobbies and all this helped her do better in studies too. But when it came to studies, she gave her best,” she says.

“We never forced our daughter to secure the highest marks. We encouraged her and told her to give her best and not have too many expectations.”

Abhishek Vs (Commerce)
MES College
Abhishek V Shetty confesses that he never expected to score so well. “I studied only during the study vacations that we got. I was always interested in Mathematics, so I was confident that I would score well,” he says. Abhishek  hopes to do  Chartered Accountancy and has already enrolled for the CA course. “I used to play cricket in college after class and when I returned home I would again play cricket with my friends in the neighbourhood. This really helped me unwind,” he states. His mother Vasanthi Shetty attributes her son’s success to his hard work. “I never had to sit with him or be after him to study, he was a responsible child right from the beginning and would study by himself from class five,” says Vasanthi.

Gaurav Siyal (Commerce)
Clarence High School
Gaurav says that paying attention in class and developing a timetable really helped him score well. “I used to plan my day accordingly and hence, I didn’t have to compromise on my extra-curricular activities as well. There were many events in school that I participated in. I started preparing during the summer vacation after class 11. So I didn’t find it hard to study towards the end,” he says. Deepak Siyal, Gaurav’s father, says, “He has always been interested in studies. The credit for this success goes entirely to him. He did not attend any coaching class and wants to take up BCom. I just want him to be satisfied in his life.”

Vibha Bhat (Arts)
Christ Junior College
Vibha Bhat attributes her success to her deep interest in all the subjects. “I was passionate about all the subjects I studied, be it Psychology,  Political Science, Economics or Sociology. I didn’t really burn the midnight oil. Instead, I would pay a lot of attention in class and all the extra notes and references I made paid off,” says Vibha. She wishes to specialise in Criminal Psychology at an international university.
Her mother Padma recalls that Vibha would study so much that her parents had to force her to take a break. “She is a voracious reader and that seems to have helped her a lot. She was always passionate about all the subjects and that made all the difference,” adds Padma.

Arya Ramakrishna (COMMERCE)
Jain College 
Arya is ecstatic. “It hasn’t sunk in yet. I had not expected such a high score but now, I am very happy and proud of myself.” 

Arya has already got admission for BCom Professional at St Joseph’s College of Commerce.
Kosalya, her mother, stayed awake while her daughter burnt the midnight oil. “I would make sure she was always motivated and never gave up on anything.
Arya did not confine herself to the textbooks but had her share of fun too. When it came to studies, however, she studied promptly. She has been hard working and dedicated always,” she says.

Sangeetha VS (Science)
Deeksha Centre for Learning
I’m very happy about securing such a good score. During the holidays, I would study for more than 10 hours and it  paid off really well. My college constantly conducted regular tests which really helped me,” says Sangeetha. Sakthivel, her father, is delighted.  “We constantly motivated and encouraged her to give her best. Sangeetha was always clear about what she wanted and aimed at securing at least 95 per cent marks. I’m very happy and proud of her today.”

Arundhati Shanbhag (Science)
CMR National PU College

Arundhati Shanbhag attributes her success to the appropriate breaks she took between studies.
 “It was not studies all the time. I always made it a point to take a break by baking something, perhaps a cake or writing poetry. Both these things need a lot of creativity and are great stressbusters. I would experiment  a lot during my baking sessions by throwing in a lot of ingredients,” explains Arundhati who wishes to pursue computer engineering. “I scored full marks in computer science. My parents have been extremely supportive in my endeavours and that’s one of reasons why I was able to do well,” she adds. Her father, Surendra G Shanbhag, is proud that his daughter has done well. “We never told her to score full marks or had put any pressure on her. She has always been a consistent performer,” he says.