II PU revaluation, re-totalling results on June 14: Minister

Students will get 'spot ranks' based on fresh marks; CET ranking for others won't change
Last Updated 30 May 2015, 20:55 IST

The Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) will announce on June 14 the results of revaluation and re-totalling of answer scripts of II PUC examination held in March this year.

Minister of State for Primary and Secondary Education Kimmane Ratnakar, who made the announcement at a press conference here on Saturday, said the delay would not affect the prospects of students applying for admission anywhere. Even though CET results will be announced on Monday, students who will get their revaluation results almost two weeks later would be allotted “spot ranks” or “G 55” ranks based on the fresh marks.

They will be given ranks according to the revised score. It will be done in such a way that even the ranks of those who have not applied for revaluation will also not be affected. “For example, depending on their marks, these students would be accommodated as ranks 1A, 1B etc, between ranks 1 and 2,” he explained.

Since the allotment of seats for undergraduate professional courses will start only after June 20, students need not worry about the admission process, the minister.

As on Saturday, the department has received 27,706 applications seeking photocopies of 53,425 answer scripts, 11,991 applications for revaluation of 19,350 scripts and 443 applications for re-totalling of 770 answer scripts.

Of these, 35,614 scripts have already been despatched. This number would reach 40,000 by Saturday evening. “There are 13,000 scripts to be photocopied. We will send them within the next three days. We are despatching about 7,000-8,000 scripts per day,” he added.

Delay in photocopies

Many students have not yet received the photocopies even after applying for them right after the results were announced ten days ago. A student who visited the DPUE office said: “I had applied for photocopies two days after the results. I had applied for all the subjects—PCMB. However, I have got only the physics paper. I am waiting for the rest. Even one mark could make a lot of difference in CET ranking.”

Ratnakar sought to allay students’ fears by stating that the department would give them additional time to apply for revaluation if there was delay on the part of the postal department. “As far as the DPUE is concerned, all the pending photocopies will be sent in the next three days. Even after that, if any student has not received them, we will verify the cause for delay and the student can apply for them any time before the revaluation results are announced.”

Alternative to photocopies on the cards

The government will consider removing the process of applying for photocopies from next year onwards.

“It’s a risky process. Twelve answer scripts are packed in a pack and are segregated subject-wise. For six lakh students, there will be at least three lakh such packets. It’s a risk every time we open it. If anything goes wrong while rearranging it back, it will cause more complications.” He said the government would think of an alternative.


Year    Photocopy*    Answer**
2012    19,492    38,873
2013    21,843    45,865
2014    19,395    36,294
2015    27,706    53,425

Year    Revaluation    Answer**
2012    8, 357    13, 534
2013    8, 571    13, 732
2014    13, 591    19, 698
2015^    11, 991    19, 350

No of applications for Photocopy; Answer  scripts  The DPUE is still receiving applications for this year. June 3 is the last date for students to apply for revaluation.

(Published 30 May 2015, 20:55 IST)

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