Plan ahead, choose well

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Plan ahead, choose well

Dear Madam
I am pursuing diploma in architecture and I am in the third year now. My scores are pretty good and I want to study further abroad in UK or Germany (most preferred). Please assist me with good colleges.
Shreya Deepak

Dear Shreya,
In Germany, ABK Stuttgart, RWTH Aachen, TUM Munich and Dortmund are among some of the best to study Architecture. In UK, University College London, Sheffield, Bath, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Newcastle etc are known for their architecture programmes. For a complete list of universities in each country, please visit

Dear Madam,
I am pursuing my engineering in computer science (3rd year) and the problem is that I have been detained two times in engineering, but am very keen on pursuing my MS in the USA. What are my chances and what are the worst scenarios I would face?

Dear Akshay,
Take the GRE and TOEFL IBT exam and score good marks. Complete your engineering. You can certainly pursue your MS in the United States or any other country you wish to go to. Since you are only in your third year, you have sufficient time to make up for a fall in your GPA by being strong in other areas like research work, projects etc. Gain some part-time work experience in the next one year. Prepare an interesting resume with all your achievements in extra curricular, community service, sports, internships etc.
Dear Madam,
I have done my Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course. I am now working as a marketing executive from the past one year. I am done with my IELTS. I am planning to go abroad in September 2015 to study MSc in Managing Global Business in UK university. I am very much interested in global business environment, global marketing, International management. I want some guidelines from you, about how it will be helpful to pursue my career. Is it that difficult to get a job in the UK because I will have only four months after graduation.
Yashwant Yash

Dear Yashwant,
Acquiring a British qualification in Global Business or International Management adds strength to a person; not just in terms of the certificate but more so due to the Academic rigors. The teaching and learning framework provides opportunities to be more independent, self - sufficient and resilient, creating the opportunity to change the trajectory and propel career growth. The emphasis on innovation and experiential learning is designed to help students build a career in the UK, EU or Other countries. Studying in a diverse ethnic and cultural environment is a life changing experience. If you have not already got admission in a UK university, I would advise you to apply to a University in London since it is the business hub and you will be in close proximity to all the top companies. UK universities allow students to work part time up to 20 hours a week while studying and full time during holidays. This is an opportunity for students like you to network with potential employers. The four month period after graduation is more than enough time for a hard working student to find employment.

Dear Madam,
I have completed my BE in Mechanical engineering in 2014. I have worked in a private company for four months and left my job to prepare for GRE and TOEFL. I wish to do an MS in Germany. My aggregate is 70% and I have heard that there is requirement of work experience of at least two years to get an admission in a good University. Is it true? If so I will look for a job again and work for a few months. Also, please provide information on how to search for universities or would it be better to search according to reputation or the  courses offered.
Udayagiri Suhas

Dear Udayagiri,
Work experience is not mandatory to pursue your MS. When you research universities, look for one that is best suited to your needs. Just because a university is highly ranked doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for you. Take into account all aspects like ranking, courses offered, tuition fee, housing options, entry requirements, internship opportunities, campus, location, job placements etc.

Dear Madam,
I am pursing my BDS (3rd year). And I am very keen on pursuing my masters abroad. But I don’t know the procedure for an Indian student. What exams should I be writing and how to apply for those exams. I would like to know what are my other options after BDS. Kindly guide me through this and also about how to prepare for the exams. Are there any scholarships I can avail for further studies abroad.
Nathasha H N

Dear Nathasha,
After your BDS, you can pursue MDS, MSc or PhD in one of these specialisations: Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Dental Material Science, Dental Implantalogy, Orthodontics, Oral Pathology, Paediatric Dentistry, Dental Technology, Primary Dental care, Public Health and Dentistry etc. You could also consider an MBA in Hospital Management.  To get admission in a university, you need to only write the IELTS exam. To be able to practise in another country, you have to write the qualifying exams like ORE (overseas registration exam conducted by British Dental Council) for UK, ADC (Australian dental examination) for Australia, the licensing exam conducted by the American Dental Association to practise in the U.S and Canada.
If you want to pursue a PhD, it is advisable that you gain two years of clinical practice before you apply. Scholarships, teaching assistantships and research assistantships are available for academic achievers.

Dear Madam,
I have completed my bachelors in E&C and I have an aggregate of 80%. I am thinking of doing my masters in Germany in Power Electronics or Embedded Systems or VLSI. But Germany is generally referred to as a good place to do masters in either mechanical or automotive electronics. Will I get same quality of education in my preferred field of Masters? Please suggest some good universities for pursuing my masters in the domain and also the job opportunities available in Germany. Also I would like to know whether US is a better option for my masters when compared with Germany.
Kaushik M K

Dear Kaushik,
While Germany is well known for its mechanical and automotive courses, they do have excellent universities offering other subjects too. Yes, you will get the same quality of education in your subject area. Some of the well known universities that offer these specialisations are Freiburg, Berlin, Hochschule Bremerhaven, Technical University of Munich and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
The US has a wide range of highly ranked universities offering these subjects. For a complete listing of universities in each country, please visit www.umaaswani. com.

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