Bin Laden 'message' warns of fresh attacks

In the tape, addressed from "Osama to Obama", Bin Laden addressed US President Barack Obama, saying that the US would face further attacks if it did not stop its support for Israel.

The White House had no independent confirmation that the message was from bin Laden, but would study the tape, said Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on NBC's Meet the Press interview programme Sunday morning.
"We have no independent confirmation that that is in fact his voice but let's look at it," she said.

"The fact of the matter is that he is a murderer, he has attacked Americans and in fact he has killed more Muslims than any other group in the region. And so the president is committed to going after Al Qaeda and all of their affiliates and bringing them to justice."
The independent Washington-based Intel Center, which monitors terrorist activity, said the statement did appear to be a message from bin Laden, with its manner of release and content consistent with past messages from the terrorist leader.
Bin Laden said a Nigerian man's failed attempt to blow up an airplane over Detroit on Dec 25 was a message "reaffirming"  the previous message that the heroes of (Sep 11, 2001) conveyed."

The Al Qaeda leader called Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who now faces charges of trying to blow up an aircraft by allegedly trying to ignite explosives in his underwear, a "hero".
"The United States can never dream of living in peace unless we live it in Palestine. It is unfair that you live in safety while our brothers in Gaza are suffering," Bin Laden said.
"Our attacks on you will continue as long as you continue to support Israel," he said.

Intel Center said the message's endorsement of the failed Christmas Day bombing "raises concerns that core Al Qaeda is supporting and encouraging regional arms and affiliates to conduct attacks on US soil while also continuing to plan its own larger 9-11 scale events. This greatly complicates the threat environment within the US as it diversifies the type and level of attacks that must be prepared for."
Al-Jazeera said the tape, the authenticity of which could not immediately be independently verified, had likely been recorded last month.

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