Bad boys run wild

Bullet Basya
Kannada (A)
Director: Jayatheertha
Cast: Sharan, Haripriya, Tabla Nani, Prashanth Siddi, Rangayana Raghu, Ramesh Bhat

Bullet Basya, directed by Jayatheertha, is a stereotypical, stock-in-trade Sharan comedy.
In Sharan comedies it would be futile to look for logic. So, either one sits and enjoys the mad caper or shuns it like a barge pole.

Sharan plays Basavaraj aka Bullet Basya, given to sowing wild seeds. It is a pastime passed on, and indulged in, from generations. Actually, it is in the genes.
When not busy in the bedding and siring act, our Basya and his bad boys run riot and romp about the village, ogling at local belles on his Bullet bike.

Incidentally, our Basya also fronts up for local Singapora MLA Kalinga in its upkeep. That he uses the money laundered for other purposes than local development is another matter.

One such scouting instance sees our Basya set his eyes on Kaveri, the village belle. His heart beating like a Bullet’s engine, Basya vows to snare the unsuspecting Kaveri. That she is betrothed to Muthu, a gem of a lad, does not pour water over his intentions. How Basya sets about to covet Kaveri, hook, line and sinker forms the fulcrum of Bullet Basya. But does he?

Full of double-meaning dialogues, below-the-belt PJs and raunchy songs, Bullet Basya is not everybody’s idea of entertainment. It’s suffice to stop at that.

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