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Awareness of organ harvesting

Sir, Most people were awe stricken to hear that the stalwart Sri Jyothi Bosu had donated his body to medical research. Recently the Lok Sabha has put in place a path breaking "Transplantation of Human organs and tissues Bill 2009" which widens the scope of organ donations.It also makes it mandatory for ICU personnel to motivate next of kin of brain-dead patients and others, on legal organ donations.We have hundreds of ailing who may get a new life through this modern scientific know-how.It is also the means of deterring illegal trade in human organs.
Surprisingly, in the larger hospitals of many places, there is virtually no mechanism for "Organ Banks" or any procedure/system for propagating awareness and facility when there is such a vital need. Cadaver organ harvesting is a dark area even in hospitals. Enquiries in the big hospitals only lead to blind alleys.
In spite of basic awareness on 'eye donation' , the gap between supply and demand is very great, in our land. Donors are powerless-it is the relatives who must be sufficiently educated,aware,alert to make timely and effective use of organ donations.
it is high time that not only the medical institutions but also dedicated Government agencies/regulators, NGOs and all concerned work towards a  concrete awareness programme so that organs are donated to the needy at the right time.
Rosario Cathedral Rd,
Mangalore - 575 001.   

Sharad Pawar’s gaffe
Sir, Sharad Pawar had cautioned that milk supply from the farmers to the dairies was in  shortage this could lead to a rise in prices. Hardly had he said that there was a clamour from the various milk co-operatives around India asking for a hike in milk prices. With food prices already at a high the hike on milk was like the proverbial last straw burdening the already overburdened consumer. This time, not only the Opposition parties,but also some of the UPA constituents started gunning for Pawar’s head. He went on national TV commenting that he is not responsible for the hike in prices for food and other items and that he is only the Agriculture Minister and he has been looking after agriculture. That comment is also debatable if one considers the farmer suicides in the country under his tenure which runs into lakhs over the last decade.

Gaffes like this are unpardonable and if the Agriculture Minister says that he is not responsible for foodgrain price rise, then there is surely something strange. The problem seems to be that he has no control and also nobody listens to him. As regards the milk price, it is a blunder on the part of a seasoned  and mature politicians like Pawar. Is it that since he has announced that he will be relinquishing office come the next general elections, e is making arrangements for his retirement now itself? The sugar baron sure needs some milk to sweeten his retirement, that is surely what it looks like!

S Kamat
Alto Betim, Bardez
Goa 403 521.

Height of inefficiency
This refers to Govt fumes at Ad goof up
It is disturbing evidence of the inefficiency of govt staff prevailing in various govt departments. And it is only a tip of the iceberg. If such a blunder can occur in ministry level, imagine how any such mistakes/blunders must have been taking place throughout the day across the country. Tomorrow there is no wonder if some terrorist's photo appears in our country's voter ID card.

Anantha Padmanabha
Janapriya Niwas apts
Hesaraghatta road,

Ad goof up?
The controversial advertisement by Women & Child Development ministry is not only unimaginative, poorly conceived, badly worded & unbalanced but also a matter of utter shame coming right on the eve of our Republic day with ex-Pak Air Chief adoring space in our powerful print media. Of the three Indian icons chosen two are cricketers while one is musician showing utter lack of ideas. It would be much better if WCD is made part of the MHRD which under its present leadership has already heralded much needed renaissance in our old sytems?
Raghubir Singh

Are  we placating Pakistan?
Sir, This refers to: 'Govt fumes at ad goof up' (DH Jan 25).  Is it an attempt on the part of women and child development ministry to mollify and placate the unruffled feelings of Pakistan in the background of its players left out for IPL-3 by its owners?  It is indeed a costly mistake on the part of concerned ministry for the blunder.  One wonders whether we do not have eminent personalities for inclusion in the advertisement.  The women and child development minister of state's rejoinder 'what is wrong?' does not augur well for the post he holds for our country.  

Before clearing any advertisement is it not the duty of concerned authorities to check and make amends if necessary?  Such advertisements could only spoil the image of our country at the global level.  Let not such goof-up recur at least in future.

II Stage, Rajajinagar

No tall claims please
Sir, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, he youngest BJP president is a novice. Let him not make tall claims in the first out set . There is long felt perception that RSS is a Fascist organization which is anti-muslim and BJP follows its policy in political arena .The past experience reveals that no party can come to the power in centre  with hostile stance with 30 crore Muslims of India .Let Mr. Gadkari shed this stance of his party and develop affinity towards them with introducing good schemes for the welfare of Muslims .There should not be  intervention in their religious practice and performances .The congress has done much harm to Muslims but apparently posed as the well wisher of the community ,got their votes and came into power.
   If Mr. Gadkari  is a true politician will understand this secret ,keep himself away from ante Muslim agenda of RSS in functioning the BJP, then he can claim that he is able to take independent decisions .The public will accept his claim forthwith ,but not now.


Telangana Struggle
 It appears that the Telangana agitation is a totally people struggle because of every day people participation in various activities. It is better to the regions of Andhra and Rayalseema to have a deep sight on the ground realities instead of blaming it as Naxalite (Maoist) movement or unemployed politician. Hatred will increase among the people of Telangana if Andhra and Rayalseema regions do not understand them properly. Future coexistence or brotherhood depends on how much solidarity shown by this two regions.
D. Rajashekhar Reddy

Footpath encroachment
Ref: Letter of M.V.NAUSHARAJ on footpath encroached (DH, Sat, Jan 16)  
In the name of turning green, few nature loving citizens develop lawns and gardens on the free space of the roadside [footpath], with limitations. They also grow flowering and fruit bearing trees in this space. This need not be construed as encroaching, but appreciated as role models of green movement.
Majority of citizens who are concreting the footpath area for parking their vehicles permanently on the roadside need to be construed as encroachment instead. Cement concreting the space between the compound wall and the asphalted road increases the ambient temperature and the heat radiation increases the atmospheric temperature, which in turn give rise to global warming.
An appeal goes to all citizens to make parking space for their vehicles inside the compound and make a noble pledge today to grow more trees using free space on the roadside and protect them to their grandeur. Authorities may take a reality check on how the concrete block laid footpath is being used by vendors and hawkers, and pedestrians usually walk on the asphalted road.  Footpath space on the inside roads of the layouts need not be concretized in the name of pedestrians, but left free for precious rainwater to get seeped in for the use of trees and supplement the ground water level.

Coffee Board Layout,

Will Pak reply to SA?
Sir: The Pakistani Administration is in for a 'tail spin' with South Africa deciding to pull out of Pakistan tour due to reasons known to everyone-except Pakistan ! When the players from Pakistan did not attract bidders for the IPL Tournament,everyone,From the Prime Minister to the PCB President spoke of a 'fitting reply' to the insulting neglect ! One wonder's as to what the Pakistan's rulers would now do to South Africa's action.Will they also give a 'fitting reply' to South Africa ?
It must be known that when there were grenade attacks on the Sri Lankan team when they were in Karachi, none of the Pakistani players condemned the attack.By their strange silence,the Pakistani cricketers have also distanced themselves from the cricketers of other countries.It would be wise if sports and politics are not mixed.Pakistan has produced some of the finest cricketers the game has ever seen.Abdul Hafeez Kardar was a gentleman cricketer,the present generation of living legendary players like Hanif Mohammed,Zaheer Abbas,Imaran Khan,Wasim Akram are all gentlemen to the core and must be role models for the current young test players from Pakistan.
It is sad to find cricket becoming the major victim of Pakistan's belligerent image.No cricket playing country is prepared to send it's team to tour Pakistan due to the volatile political situation there.To add fuel to fire,the Pakistani Prime Minister'Mr.Gelani has said that 'Pakistan cannot guarantee that there would be no re-occurance of 26/11' Such statements send wrong signals to other peace loving Nations.
Palmsprings Layout
 Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062

Pakistan digging huge tunnels
Sir, I was not shocked to read the news that our trustworthy neighbor Pakistan is digging huge tunnels (Jan 25) with the sole anti-India malicious motive to store nuclear weapons and (not or) missiles which are battle ready. Once again such fearless, advance preparations by Pakistan prove that all the policies and laws under the Indian government are unbearably weak and loose which encourage not only the terrorists like Qasab, Afzal guru, Dawood and Abu Salem to carry on all their anti-India activities and yet defend fearlessly and demand biryani for the lunch or dinner, during the absolutely undesired legal trial, but also encourage Pakistan ruled by anti-India ISI, LeT and its security forces for such preparations and also to use these preparations at the earliest and ruin and destroy India. What will our government do now? Will it still not cancel all the rail and road links with Pakistan and PoK? Will it show its willingness to have peace talks, if Pakistan dismantles all its terror outfits in Pakistan and PoK?

Hansraj Bhat
Geetanjali Nagar,
Saibaba Mandir Road, Borivali (W),
Mumbai 400092

Fake notes circulation
The intensity with which fake notes are in circulation across the country shows that there is no let up in the circulation of notes in the near future, and no day passes without fighting in banks and in market places,as the genuine or otherwise cannot be checked by one and all,especially a lay man on the streets.

The bank officials are always right in refusing to accept fake notes as they have got testing instruments to find out whether the notes are genuine or fake ones,and a layman is left in the lurch as he is duped by persons dealing with fake notes.

Why the Govt. of India is hesitating to take immediate action to stop circulation of fake notes by demonetising of higher denomination notes,and should take quick action before it is late?

Therefore once again it is requested that the Govt. of India should put a full stop in the matter of fake notes by demonetising higher denomination of notes.

B S Raghavendra Rao,
BSK 3rd.stage,

Unreal subject matter
Sir, If one takes a look at the various reality and game shows being aired by the private Channels during the last three years, one finds an unmistakable similarity in their formats. They are all run by Bollywood/TV personalities, participated only by the silver screen idols, and whose subject matter revolves only around the sphere of activities in the Bollywood/small tube. Common Indian, even though otherwise eligible, can never dream of to be a part of such programs.  

 (Jorhat Singh)

Fighting in the borders
Sir, Pakistani cricketers are raising hue and cry over a trivial issue of their exclusion in IPL bidding.  Whatever may be the reasons, the sponsors have did the right thing in excluding players of our neighboring country, which is openly supporting terrorism in India.   These players never thought it necessary to condemn either the terrorism acts of 26/11 at Mumbai which massacred several civilians or other such innumerable,  heinous acts in the border states.  Javed Miandad, their ace cricketer who has stupendous batting record against India, had once remarked that whenever he goes to bat against India, he remembers the Pak soldiers fighting their Indian counterparts in borders!
Maruti Extension,
Bengaluru 560 021.

Annual ritual
Sir, Since Independence, an annual ritual is being regularly conducted by all the Union Finance Ministers, irrespective of their party affiliations.  A quarter before the tabling of the Finance Bill in the Lok Sabha, the F.M. calls a meeting of the leading industrialists, representatives of TUs, and other luminaries from different fields. The ostensible purpose of this exercise is to "listen" to their views about their expectations from the upcoming Budget. 

However, it would be interesting to know that none of these suggestions, without a single exception, have ever been found to have been incorporated in the actual Budget proposals that were presented during the last six decades. Let us hope that the fiscal year 2009-2010 proves to be an exception to this rule. 

Arun Malankar,     
Sunder Nagar No 3,
Kalina, Santa Cruz (E),
Mumbai 400098

Jaya-Sonia as partners
Jaya +Sonia  likely partnership is not ruled out for TN politics.. After all anything can  happen in the field where there are no scruples and ideals are involved. Jaya is a constant threat to MK and even Congress and surely a 'formidable' leader from TN. MK is on date is ruling the TN more with money power and his election peanuts are keeping him alive and kicking  .He has already installed Stalin as his successor with a lot of hiccups.MK may find it easy to even combat Jaya than satisfying his family members.SL tamils was a headache for MK and now Naliis likely release will be an acid test In the present context Jaya and Sonia partnership will surely give jitters to MK!The fun has started now!Surely such a partnership as shock waves to CM TN MK!Sir!

T.M.Maistry St.
Chennai - 600 041

Erroneous judgment on LBW
It has been quite often observed that are cases of error of judgment in declaring LBW in cricket.   This error of judgment has come to light when the movement of ball is shown in TV.   There are cases of declaring LBW when there is no such case and not declaring LBW when actually there is case for declaring as such.   Therefore, when LBW is appealed for, the umpires should be divested of the responsibility to take decision.   Instead, the decision should be left to third umpire.    In doing so, transparency is also established without leaving the shadow of doubt in the mind of players and cricket watchers.   The authorities concerned would do well to ponder over the suggestion.

K.V. Seetharamaiah
Venkata-Bindu Nilaya,
Behind Ramanakatte,
Vidyanagara First Stage,



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