Overbridge leads to plethora of problems

Overbridge leads to plethora of problems

A railway overbridge constructed near Clock Tower in the town has created a lot of problems for locals.

The Railways constructed this overbridge in 2013 to solve the traffic problem as a railway track passes near the Clock Tower Circle. But the overbridge, built without any proper planning, has created problems, the locals have claimed.

The movement of people is dense in this area as Dargah Mohalla, Shahinshah Nagar and K G Mohalla, a place of worship, a government school and a hospital are located near the overbridge. Hence, an underpass was constructed for the convenience of the people under the overbridge. Now, the underpass is stinking as drainage water is entering it. As a result, the locals are walking with their nose covered all the time. The problem does not end here.
Mud roads and potholes
The roads adjacent to the overbridge are mud roads and are full of potholes.

Also, there are no service roads either. These kachcha roads are very narrow and even an autorickshaw cannot pass through it properly.

Added to this, the electricity poles erected right in the middle of the road have aggravated the problem. Vehicle drivers struggle to pass through this potholed road.

Water stagnation

Water stagnates on both sides of the road during rain as drains have not been constructed on either side of the road.

The rain water gets into the neighbouring houses, shops and commercial establishments.
Rain water also stagnates at the end of the overbridge and makes it look a small lake creating problem for normal movement of vehicles.

Garbage pile-up

As if these problems are not enough, garbage is piling up under the overbridge and underpass. Civic workers have turned a blind eye to this problem, the residents claimed.
The whole area is stinking as drainage water is getting mixed with the garbage.

This has become a sanitation problem and the locals expressed apprehension about the outbreak of epidemic diseases as some people have already been admitted to hospital due to dengue fever.


Chand Pasha, a resident said, “There was no problem on this road before the construction of the overbridge. We have brought our problems to the notice of Railways, PWD, Bescom and the CMC. But nothing has been done so far.”

Rafeeq Ahmed, another resident, said, “Women and children cannot walk in the underpass as it is full of drainage water and garbage. Rainwater is entering into houses. People are hit by mosquito menace also. The officials should at least wake up now and take steps to solve our problems.”

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